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ICT in education is an essential part of a modern study. ICT means Information and Communication Technology. To walk with the modern world ICT is a must for students. This world is based on pieces of information. Everybody around the world is connected by the internet. Modern civilization can’t live without the internet.

Thus, the importance of the internet is much higher than ever before. We are using ICT in every sphere of our life because; everything is based on the information.

Collecting information is the main object of science. If you mix the technology with science and information, then it becomes the invention. So every invention has become possible by the blessings of ICT. Read through the article to know about the importance and benefits of ICT.

What is ICT?

There is no specific definition of ICT. It is actually a broad term of modern days. ICT means information and communication technologies.

The purpose of it is to create, manage, store information and use it for some technologies tools. Technologies tools like the internet, broadcasting technologies (televisions & radio) and telephones etc.

Importance of ICT in education

The education sector is the only way to create positivity in society. People are using ICT in bad ways. Education sector can play a vital role to secure our society from the bad use of ICT. The importance of ICT in education is much higher for this modern society.

A man builds his life from the school level. So it is our duty to teach the best use of the internet and other tools to them. The importance of ICT in the education sector is much higher.

Students know about the outside part of the world because of the addition of ICT in education. Everything is becoming computerized nowadays. So it is important to teach our students about the computer.

Importance of ICT in education
Importance of ICT in education

Especially for developing countries, ICT is helping their students to compete with the upgoing world. If you want to be developed like the USA, UK etc, then you must have to give the value to your ICT sector. And adding the ICT book into the curriculum will help the students to know and learn about technologies.

Everything has both sides, right and wrong. We have to get the right one. People are misusing technologies. So it is important to save our young generation from misusing the ICT.

And if we can teach them the proper use of it, then we can save our young society. Because adding this subject to the curriculum will lead them into the proper use of technologies.

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Advantages of ICT in Education

Every way of our life is affected by information and communication technology. We were searching for the advanced way of learning and teaching. ICT has made it easier for us. The new technologies have given us the modern ways of learning and teaching.

There are lots of advantages of information and communication technology. Let’s see some common and very useful advantages of ICT.

Learn from Internet

Some years earlier, when a student got stuck with his lesson or couldn’t understand his lessons properly. He used to go to his teacher and solves the problem. But, he had to wait for his teacher. But nowadays, if a student gets stuck in any problem of his lesson, he will search it on the internet. He will get the tons of result. From there he can easily solve his problem.

Read eBooks

There are lots of ebooks on the internet. You will find many ebooks on every topic on the internet. Just go to the browser and search which topic you want to know.

No need for the Library

No need for the library doesn’t mean that the library is not necessary. It means you have an alternative to the library nowadays. If you want to read any book of any writer, you can read by staying at home. There are lots of companies and website also who are selling books to the reader.

A student can read any types of books without going to any library. So you can have a cup of tea on your hand and get the book from online and read it on your tablet, phone or computer.

Social Media is the storehouse of knowledge

Nowadays people spend more and more time on social media than study. Even students are wasting their time on social media. But there are lots of opportunities to use social media in a proper way. It will help the students and they will learn out of traditional ways.

Students used to get their lessons in boring classes. But nowadays some YouTube has created channels where they teach several students. You will find a practical solution on YouTube because; there is a lot of competition on YouTube. So everybody wants to give the best solution to every answer. That’s how students will be benefited.

There are also a lot of free skill courses available on YouTube. Like IELTS, TOEFL, Graphics Design, Web Design & Development, English Spoken, Other Languages etc. So it is very helpful for students, especially for poor students who can’t afford to go to any coaching centre to learn these skills.

Even there are lots of Facebook group where people are discussing different subjects. It is helping the students to gather knowledge outside of their textbooks. So without a doubt, social media is also a great way of studying.

Multimedia classes

Multimedia classes are more interesting than the traditional way of teaching. A student can easily understand any topic when he will practically observe the topic properly. A teacher can easily describe the topic by using a computer and a projector. So the effectiveness of ICT in the education sector is much higher than a lot of things.

Role of ICT in Education

ICT plays a vital role in education. The education system is now developing by the blessings of information and communication technology. In research, it said that Bangladesh governments are giving computers to all of its schools so that student can attach with these technologies. In South-Asian countries, students are not interested to go to schools because the classes are not interesting.

It has been noticed that, if a school or college has computers and multimedia classes, then more students come to classes than in the other school or colleges. So, ICT is playing a vital role in education without a doubt.

Importance of ICT in students

Students are now very much aware of the uses of ICT. They know the importance of it. Students can know anything they want. It is helping them in several ways. They can read, write and share their thoughts and ideas with the world via social media. For ICT practical education you have to know the advantages of Computer and use it.

They can create assignments and presentations easily by using a computer. A research said that the person who plays war games, it enhances the power of eyes and brains. Students can spend their free time watching motivational and inspirational videos. It will help them to stay focused on the target. So ICT is now playing a very vital role in the life of students.

Impacts of ICT on Society

Technologies are the part and parcel for our livelihood. Society is affected by ICT in several ways. Especially in communication, we are now a global village. In a village, everybody stays connected with each other.

Now, by the blessings of communication technologies, everyone in this world is connected with each other. Internet and ICT have made our life easier. No matter where you are, you can connect with anyone you want. Social media is playing a key role in society.

We can talk to our family, friends and other peoples also. Distance is not a distance anymore. Everything has come into the hands. We are now much closer to each other than ever before. People can communicate with each other by phones or computers. We can see the news about the home and abroad on television. So nowadays everyone knows everything with the help of ICT.

Cons of Technology in the Classroom

Though in technology have a lot of advantages. But there are few disadvantages of technology in the classroom.

  • Sometimes technology can distract the students to form their lessons.
  • Every students are not used with technologies properly.
  • Students will find some easy ways to play the ape in their assignments.
  • Students might get disconnected from the social interactions with each other.

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Information and communication technologies have made our life easier. We can easily communicate with each other very easily. ICT has an impact on society as well as in education. Students are getting benefits from ICT. But we should make sure to they get the proper use of the internet and other communication tools.

Because bad use of technologies will affect them badly. So it is important for teachers and parents to take an eye on them regularly. Take the best part of ICT. It will help us to lead a happy life.

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