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  • Similarities between mass and weight
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    Difference between mass and weight with example

    The two things are known to us as mass and weight. These two things are useful to us in our everyday life. We thought that mass and weight are the same. We often say weight means mass. But this thought is really wrong. On earth, gravity is the same everywhere so that there is not […] More

  • Difference between Mass and Volume
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    What is the Difference between Mass and Volume

    Mass and volume are two units used to gauge objects. Mass is the measure of issue an article contains, while volume is how much it space takes up. Precedent: A bowling ball and a b-ball are about a similar volume as one another, yet the bowling ball has significantly more mass. I will share this […] More

  • coulombs to electrons
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    Charge of electron and Mass of Electron

    An electron is a subatomic unit or elementary particle that lies outside the nucleus of an atom. Moreover, the electron moves in an orbit around the nucleus of an atom. Generally, the charge of an electron is negative. The symbol of an electron is e.   The static electricity is the result of the movement […] More

  • Common Noun

    Common Noun with examples, definition and more

    Common Noun is a part of English Grammar. There are several types of Noun and it is a part of the Noun. Generally, we can’t use capital letters before common nouns. This Noun is the general name for a place, person, or thing in a group or class. Actually, it is not capitalized it begins […] More

  • Bilingualism or Multilingualism
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    Bilingualism or Multilingualism: A Nutshell Conversation

    Bilingualism or Multilingualism implies a person having knowledge with two or more languages! It has been becoming very prominent as well as, getting fundamental to the students and job petitioners day by day as it has vast benefits for the job holders or professional outcomes. Not only in the academic standpoints but also the stage […] More

  • Classification of Computers

    Classification of Computers according to functionality, size, Type and purpose

    The computer is an important thing in our daily lives. A computer is an electronic device. It’s generated useful output information when the input is given to it by the user. In this article, we are going to show you Classification of Computers step by step. These Computers are classified by determining the Functionality, Type, […] More

  • the process of communication

    Explain The 8 Process of Communication With Definition, And Diagram

    The communication process consists of four vital components: encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback. Additionally, there are two other factors present which take the form of the sender and receiver. Communication is an effective part of the world. Basically, the process of communication is an effective part that’s very important for us. It is […] More

  • Secondary education in UK

    Education System in UK | You need to know before studying in the UK

    The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts. There are separate education systems in England. primary education, secondary education, further education, and higher education. It’s divided into the key stage of the UK education system. Compulsory schooling begins at the age of five in England. Children in England have to legally […] More

  • American High School system

    American High School System, Grades | Study in USA

    American High School system has different sections which are very much compatible. Usually, the American starts school from the age of six. The parts are public, home schools, and private.  American high school provides high-quality education to their students. By the law of the American state, knowledge is a must for the students so that […] More

  • Benefits of Globalization

    Benefits Of Globalization With Advantages And Disadvantages

    For decades we have been witnessing a strange flow around the world. The tide is moving at an irreversible pace, devouring countries, regions, nations, and states like the great flood. That effect of globalization influences the world of our ideals, self-realization, culture, religion, and agriculture – many other aspects of life corps. There are most […] More

  • How many weeks in a school year

    How many weeks in a school year

    Under normal circumstances, the operation of the mill-style American teaching framework shows that taking into account. Do you know How many weeks in a school year ? The school’s vacation time and all individual circumstances, the teaching time for elementary or secondary schools is 180 days. School holiday Christmas 2 weeks Spring 2 weeks Six […] More

  • Online Bachelor's Degree

    Fast Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

    Online education is a different touch to the conventional bricks and mortar school. The introduction of a fast online Bachelor’s degree to the traditional education system is a blessing, indeed. People who cannot attend campus degree due to inconveniences can attend this online degree. Students receive their degrees through distance learning in this education style. […] More

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