Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS with examples and full details

Have you ever recognize that, while browsing any site through a browser you see HTTP or HTTPS at the address bar before the URL? So, It’s may come to your mind about the reason to start a URL with http or https. The addiction to seeking knowledge has brought you here. Here, we will discuss about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS with details.

Today we will discuss both http and https and differentiate them so that you can understand every single thing easily.  Http and https are a set of rules which are followed by the website during publishing content on the World Wide Web. Between http and https there are many significant differences. Today we are going to explain them. So, let’s get started with knowledge.

Http vs Https

It’s not the matter that what you don’t know while it’s a matter when you don’t want to know. It’s a new world with more advanced technology and if you want to cope with the flow of advanced technology then you should know it. Internet is the primary element that every person should know how it works. Http and Https are elements of the internet and intranet.  Do you know what is http and https and why they stand for?

What is HTTP?

HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol if we abbreviate this. It’s a guideline or set of rules which determines how any information or data will be transmitted. For communicating between web browsers and servers HTTP provides standard rules.

Based on TCP port this application layer protocol was designed where HTTP uses hypertext structured text. In HTTP each command is executed separately and that’s why it is also known as STATELESS PROTOCOL.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure if we abbreviate this one. It’s very much advanced and secure than the HTTP. You can say it’s the advanced version of HTTP.

That’s mean it is also the set of rules that allows information transaction to the World Wide Web. For data communication, HTTPS uses port no. 443 which is more secure.

It allows the SSL certificate to secure and encrypt the entire data transaction. More like you can say that HTTPS is the combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol.

The connection between servers and browsers also remain secure for HTTPS. This will help you to protect your information more secure from getting stolen.

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Http vs Https performance

If we talk about the performance then we have to discuss the advantages and the limitations of HTTP and HTTPS. About HTTP vs HTTPS google says that they both have advantages and limitations.

Http vs Https
Http vs Https

Advantages and Limitation of HTTP

Let’s check it out the advantages and the limitations of HTTP.

Advantages of HTTP

  • It can be implemented with many other protocols or networks.
  • The pages of Http are stored on a computer that is why it’s very quickly accessible.
  • No need any runtime support.

Limitation of HTTP

  • Lack of privacy and tracking is very easy in HTTP.
  • It’s not secure.

Advantages and Limitation of HTTPS

Now, let’s see the advantages and limitations of HTTPS

Advantages of HTTPS

  • It has the redirect facility in a place.
  • The HTTPS is more secure with SSL certificate support.
  • Your identity will always be secure.

Limitation of HTTPS

  • The caches remain on the browsers and can be encrypted.
  • HTTPS can’t stop stealing information from browser cached data.

Difference between Http and Https in Tabular Form

Maybe you have understood a little about what is the difference between http and https. Now, it’s time to clarify it more convincingly. Check the table and you will eventually understand the basic difference between http and https.

1. URL starts with http://1. URL starts with https://
2. Unsecured2. Secured and trusted.
3. Operates the application layer. 3. Operates the transport layer.
4. No encryption is available.4. Encryption is present.
5. No certification is required.5. Certification is required.
6. HTTP does not help to rank in search.6. HTTTPS helps to improve rank in search.
7. Loading speed is fast.7. The loading speed slower than the HTTP.
8. Vulnerable by hackers.8. It's not vulnerable by hackers.
9. By default, it uses port 80. 9. By default, it uses port 443.

Hope that you have understood the difference between HTTP and HTTPS along with what HTTP and HTTPS are. However, this information will increase your knowledge and will make you more concern while using technologies. So, never give your user names and password to a site that starts with http:// because they are not secure.

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