12 Basic Tense Examples, Structure, Definition And Full Details


Tense is the soul of the English language. To maintain effective communication in everyday interaction in English with the global people the clear concept of grammatical tense is a must. One must understand the situation or the appropriate time of occurrence and should use the proper tense to maintain effective communication. Definition of tense English … Read more

Has been VS Have been | Difference between with examples

Has been VS Have been

In English Grammar Tense is an effective part and ‘has been and have been’ is a verb of Present Perfect Continuous Tense. There are some differences between Has been VS Have been. Actually, ‘has been’ is the singular form of the third-person of the verb and ‘have been’ in the first, second and third-person plural … Read more

Simple Past Tense with examples and definition

Simple Past Tense

This Past tense is used to refer to indicate an action, event or condition that has happened in the past. Example: I went to the home. He met her last night. There are four kinds of past tense. They are: Past Indefinite or Simple Past Continuous Past Perfect & Past Perfect Continuous Past Simple tense … Read more