National Flag Paragraph

Short Paragraph on National Flag for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on National Flag for Class Six to Ten


  1.  What does National Flag represent?
  2.  Why a country use National Flag?
  3.  What does the Flag symbolise?
  4.  What colors are there in your Flag?
  5. How can we pay respect to it?


National Flag is the symbol of a nations respect. It also stands for the freedom of a country. Every free country possesses a national flag. Bangladesh is an independent country. So, we have national flag at our own. We achieved it in 1971 through a liberation war. The national flag is rectangular in size. It’s proportion is 10.6 It has two colors green and red. The colure are very significant in our nationalist life. The green color symbolizes the green crops in the field. It also stands for the youth and energy. The red color in the middle of the flag looks like the settling sun in the west It symbolizes the sacrifice of blood of the Myrtles in the war of liberation. Our national flag is hosted in the school, colleges, offices, Shang shod bhobon and other government offices. It is hosted at the top of every on 26 March and 16th December. It is also kept half-mast on 21 February and on 15 August. Our national flag indicates our national identity and dignity. Now we can stands upright with dignity among the world map. Whenever we see our national flag we salute. We are proud of our national lag.

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