An Ideal Student

Short Paragraph on An Ideal student for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on An Ideal student for Class Six to Ten and Class XI


  1. Where is your reading room?
  2.  How does an Ideal student study his/her room?
  3.  What types of knowledge of an Ideal Student?
  4. How have he finished his reading room?
  5. How does he feel in his reading room?


A student is a boy or girl who receives education from a school or university. An ideal student is the student possesses some special qualities. He maintains a daily routine and according to his routine he tries his best to complete his daily works. He is simple, honest, truthful, sincere, active, hardworking, punctual, friendly, helpful and studious. He gets up early in the morning and completes his home works. He starts reading from beginning the year. He goes to school and sits on the first bench. He listen to the teacher attentively. If he doesn’t understand any lesson, he asks the teacher politely. He does not quarrel anybody. He never kills any time and doesn’t mix with the bad boys. He makes his own notes memories them and revises them before the examination. He always does good results in the examinations. He also helps the weaker students. An ideal students always respects his teachers and superiors. He also obeys the order of his parents. Sometimes he takes part in some. Social activities. He follows the rules of health and sanitation. His behavior is amicable and gentle. He is an assent to a country. Everybody likes an ideal student.

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