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  • How many grams in a teaspoon

    How many grams in a teaspoon of sugar

    The genuine test in changing over grams to teaspoons isn’t the issue of changing over metric estimations to conventional ones; it’s that grams measure weight and teaspoons measure volume. Do you know how many grams in a teaspoon of sugar? It’s hard to change over between the two, in light of the fact that a […] More

  • Mass of Neutron

    Mass of Neutron Definition and the Examples of Neutron

    Well, as a science background student you should know about neutron, proton, and electron. Again, you need to know more about neutron more because of its’ interesting nature. The scientist has categorized neutron as charge neutral. That’s mean neutron doesn’t have any charge but it has a certain mass in its center. Neutron mass is […] More

  • Mass of Electron

    How Much the Mass of Electron with relative and calculate

    Like the other particle of an atom, an electron has its mass too. Electron is an orbiting particle that orbits across the outer shell of an atom. In general state, every atom has a certain number of electrons. The numbers of electron change the behavior of the atom. In other words, we can say that […] More

  • Layers of the Atmosphere
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    5 Layers of the Atmosphere

    The layer of gases that envelops the earth is called the atmosphere. Moreover, the set of the layer of gases is held by the gravity of the earth and every layer has more or less of different features. There are 5 layers of the Atmosphere. The 5 layers of the atmosphere are as follow: Troposphere […] More

  • coulombs to electrons
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    Charge of electron and Mass of Electron

    An electron is a subatomic unit or elementary particle that lies outside the nucleus of an atom. Moreover, the electron moves in an orbit around the nucleus of an atom. Generally, the charge of an electron is negative. The symbol of an electron is e. The static electricity is the result of the movement electron […] More

  • Heat vs Temperature

    What is the Difference between Heat and Temperature

    We can tell about the use of heat and temperature in our daily life. ¬†Many of us know that the difference between heat and temperature can be seen in any metallic matter. Do you know what is the difference between Heat and Temperature? Heat is one kind of energy that is performed in the form […] More

  • How many tablespoons in a cup

    How many tablespoons in a cup

    There is a diversity of system for measurements like U.S. Customary, Imperial, and natural units all over the world. We need to deal many different measurement like grams, ounce, cups, and tablespoons in our day to day life to make special food. Because many recipes include grams in the directions, in addition to tablespoons, teaspoons, […] More