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  • Simple Present Tense
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    Simple Present Tense With Examples

    The most basic tense in English grammar is Simple Present tense which is also known as present indefinite tense.  It occurs only on a regular basis in current time. It is used on actions which include habitual actions, general truths, and unchanging situations, etc. Again we also say that the present simple tense is used […] More

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    Future Continuous Tense with examples

    There are different forms of the verb, these verbs are called the tense. In future continuous tense by verbs, we know that when the action actually happened. The future continuous tense referred to the action or event or work that will not finish i.e. ongoing and that will be in evolution at a period later […] More

  • Simple future tense

    Simple Future Tense With Examples

    This future tense is used to refer to indicate an action, event or condition that will be happening in the future. Simple Future Tense is a part of Future tense. Example:   He will do the work. They will go to college. I shall be reading all night. There are four kinds of the future tense. […] More

  • Preposition Examples

    Prepositions | Definition & Types with Examples and Use

    Preposition definition Preposition is a word such as “in”, “after”, “before”, “in”, “on” etc. that indicates the linking, a noun and other elements or words of a sentence. Prepositions tie nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a clause. They assist us to realize direction, time influences, and situations. According to “Oxford Dictionaries”, Preposition […] More

  • Difference between Idiom and Proverb
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    Difference Between Idiom And Proverb With Examples

    Idiom and Proverb is one kind of grammar part in English. Do you know what do the difference between Idiom and Proverb? There is some difference between Idiom VS Proverb. I will try to write here about the topics in English. What is Idiom? An Idiom is an expression that can take on a symbolic […] More

  • Future Parfect Continuous Tense

    Future Perfect Continuous Tense with examples

    Future Perfect Continuous tense expresses an activity that will stay up until an argument in the future. When this tense express we are making ourselves looking backwards and also making ourselves to look forward in time and also from the future we look at the previous period of time. The action will have started in […] More

  • Tree Plantation Paragraph
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    Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation for Class Six to Ten

    Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation for Class Six to Ten Question What Supply us with Oxygen? What do we get from tree?  Why is our country going to become a desert?  Why observes tree planting week every year?  Why should we plant more trees? Answer: Tree plantation means planting new trees. Trees are our best […] More

  • National Flag Paragraph
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    Short Paragraph on National Flag for Class Six to Ten

    Short Paragraph on National Flag for Class Six to Ten Question:  What does National Flag represent?  Why a country use National Flag?  What does the Flag symbolise?  What colors are there in your Flag? How can we pay respect to it? Answer: National Flag is the symbol of a nations respect. It also stands for […] More

  • Present Perfect Tense

    Present Perfect Tense with examples

    Present Perfect tense is used when the action completed at some point in the past It expresses the occurrence of an action in the past not very extended time ago i.e. the action just completed. Definition: The action or event just completed but its results remain non-publication, then it is known as Present Perfect Tense. […] More

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