Classification of Computers according to functionality, size, Type and purpose

Classification of Computers

The computer is an important thing in our daily lives. A computer is an electronic device. It’s generated useful output information when the input is given to it by the user. In this article, we are going to show you Classification of Computers step by step. These Computers are classified by determining the Functionality, Type, … Read more

Easy Way To capture videos online

Do you regularly watch videos posted online and would like to keep some of them? To save them on your Mac or PC, there are three solutions for you to capture videos online. Videos proliferate on the web. Sites like Vimeo, YouTube, not to mention social networks offer Internet users to share their videos. But … Read more

Disadvantages of computer for students and all things

Disadvantages of Computer

We know that every creation has merits and demerits. Today we know about such a theme. So, let’s start. One of the most important inventions among all invention is the computer which we view or use in today’s generation in this world. But the computer got various kind of disadvantages to it.The computer has made … Read more

How to View or Delete Google Voice Search History

google voice search

In this tutorial, you will get step by steps to delete google voice search from my activity. Follow the article, if you want to permanently delete the history of your Google Home voice commands. The Google Assistant is very practical in everyday life, it helps you to control your lights, your heating, to schedule your … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Internet And It’s Importance

advantages and disadvantages of Internet

The world has running fast. For that Modern life has become easier because of the internet technology to communication. Today, I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of internet. There is no hesitation that internet has complete our life become very easy and more suitable. We can solve and get any information via internet. … Read more

Advantages of world wide web with disadvantages

Advantages of World Wide Web

I am going to share about an important topic Advantages of world wide web. It will help you to know many things regarding Word wide web.  Specially, we will try to detect only general uses and then present the things which are considered to be both advantages and disadvantages by the popular of persons. About … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of Social media

advantages and disadvantages of Social Media

Social media is an important platform of the internet communication. I will describe about here the advantages and disadvantages of Social media with details. Everyone is getting update regularly with features firstly by the social networks. In this world, what is happening and where is happening, these all everything’s we can get in 1 or … Read more

Difference between Internet and Intranet with Comparison Chart details

Difference between Internet and Intranet

Are you confused about the difference between the Internet and Intranet? Although there are differences between them, the basic difference is the Internet is open to all the users and you can access it from anywhere. On the other hand, Intranet needs to authenticate the login. The intranet is owned by a company and employee … Read more