What is World Wide Web

What Is World Wide Web (WWW)

Do you ever hear about what is World Wide Web? Yes, you are. WWW is known as the World Wide Web. It is generally associated with HTML that means, it is interlinked all the HTML pages around the Ethernet. Tim Berners-Lee was the manufacturer of the World Wide Web. He was a contractor at CERN as well. So the meaning of the World Wide Web is to combine all resources that help users to find Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

The Definition of the World Wide Web

“The World Wide Web is the universe of the network-accessible information, an embodiment of human knowledge.” It has been said by W3C. So here comes the question what is the definition of the World Wide Web? This is a computer process that interlinks the documents and pictures into a specific database that is graded in computers around the world.

History of the World Wide Web

In 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British Computer Scientist invented the World Wide Web. He is one of the oldest computer scientists. Tim Berners & his colleagues created a protocol, which maintained a standard communication between client and servers. The Scientists worked at CERN and the web mainly developed at CERN. Therefore, CERN is called the birthplace of the World Wide Web.

Tim Berners & his team were convinced to develop a network by which, automated information could share easily between the scientists of different institutes around the world.

Functions of the World Wide Web

Functions of the World Wide Web is simple enough to understand. Firstly, it sends information and secondly, it collects information. You can share your Pcs data all around the world to communicate with others. The World Wide Web is contributing greatly to create global information of the database.

Every day we are using internet and web for many reasons. However, do you what is the main difference between the internet and the World Wide Web? Internet and we are related to each other but they are not the same in function. Internet interconnects computer network and transmits data using internet protocol as well. On the other hand, the World Wide Web is combining all the resources of a specific category of HTTP.

Importance of World Wide Web

Can you imagine connectivity without the World Wide Web? Without the World Wide Web, it will be very difficult to maintain connectivity with each other. As it maintains the linkages of the modern internet system, it seems pretty clear to us that without the World Wide Web internet not that much beneficial.

Yes, you can go far enough without using the World Wide Web, but a wailing will be always there for the World Wide Web. Whatever the internet is providing you is much easier for using it, so you should thank the development of the World Wide Web for at least one time.

 What is the World Wide Web Browser?

The browser, which provides World Wide Web service, is called World Wide Web browser. Generally, these browsers are written in HTML languages. After reading the HTML links it shows the appropriate pages for the search. This browser is different because they are usually coded with different versions of HTML. As a result, it understands more and more sophisticated languages.

In our modern life, we are using the latest version of the World Wide Web browser. These browsers have consisted of a series of pages using the HTML coding language as well as they are interlinked with hyperlinks.

Hopefully, you have understood what the meaning of the World Wide Web is. As you want to surf in the internet world you should know these things before.  We have tried our best to make you understand. Though it’s a complex process we have written it very simple for you. If you have any query then you can ask for it.

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