A day Laborer

Short Paragraph on A Day Laborer for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on A Day Laborer for Class Six to Ten and Class XI

Who is a day laborer?

What types of work a day laborer do?

How much important a day laborer works?

Where does a day laborer live?

When he goes?


A day laborer is a person who corn his livelihood by manual labor. He is to be strong and active. He does the work at cutting crops, digging canal, caring bricks and working in different constrictions. He is very known figure in the society. Though he is a very ordinary man his work is very important for us. But he is neglected in our society. He is a poor man and lives in a little cottage or slum. He gets up early in the morning. After taking breakfast he goes out for work. He has no fixed work. He works under the employer and gets the wage often the work. He has to work morning to evening. His life is full of problems and sufferings. Sometimes he has no work. Then he and his family have to starve. His sufferings know no bounds when he is ill. He can neither work nor go to doctor for better treatment. He has to work under the sum and in the rain. He is always in want and can’t better his condition. He cannot send his children go to school for education. He cannot cat good foods as he needs. However a day laborer is deprived of sum basic right. As his work is very important for the development of the country, we should have a soft feeling to him we should also respect him.

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