Mobile Phone Paragraph

Short Paragraph on Mobile Phone for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on Mobile Phone for Class Six to Ten

Mobile phone is one of the most important modern device in human life. It is a wonderful invention of science. It has added a new dimension to our life and brought about a revolution in communication system. It is a telephone that, works without any wear. We can carry it easily from one place to another. Mobile phone is very useful in our life. It is use for rapid communication. All classes of people are benefited by using mobile phone. We can communicate with other within a few seconds siting from one corner of the world to another. We can also get any information by using internet in a mobile phone we can send message very easily with cheap rate. Online barking, online treatment, online business. Online education – everything is done through a mobile phone. We can also enjoy games and different programs for entertainment but every plus has a minus so mobile phone has also some disadvantage. Some terrorists abuse Mobile phone for anti-social activities. Young generation may derail and become addicted to it. Too much use of mobile phone is also harmful for children and pregnant women so we should make the best use of interest for our own benefits.

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