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Short Paragraph on Price Hike For Class Six to Ten and XI

Short Paragraph on Price Hike For Class Six to Ten and XI

Price Hike means the rise of price of necessary goods. Now It has become a common affair in our daily market and has become a great problem in our day to day life. Almost every day the price of necessary is increasing. There are many causes of it. Syndicate system is the main culprit of price hike. Beside most of the business men are dishonest and greedy. They want to get more profit in a day. It the production of daily goods like vegetables, rice, sugar, fish, meat and other goods becomes less than the demand. The prize increases in the market. Sometimes natural calamities damage the crops and affected the price of goods. Because of price like general people suffer a lot they cannot buy the goods which they need for their family. The people of limited income go to market and become hopeless to see the price like. So the government take some steps to control price hike. She should monitor the market and punish the dishonest business man. Finally the business man should be honest and change their mentality to control price hike.

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