Traffic Jam

Short paragraph on Traffic Jam for Class Six to Ten and XI

Short paragraph on Traffic Jam for Class Six to Ten and XI


  1. What is Traffic Jam?
  2.  What is the Nature of Traffic Jam?
  3.  Why does Traffic Jam occur?
  4.  What is your feeling at the time of Traffic Jam?
  5. How traffic Jam may be removed?


Traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move for many traffics on the road. It is a big cities of our country. There are many reasons of traffic jam. Our population i9s increasing day by day. The number of vehicles is also increasing but the number of roads in the same. Besides the drivers do not follow the traffic rules. The roads are also narrow. As a result traffic jam is cured. People suffer a lot for traffic jam. They cannot reach their destination in time. Student can not go to school in time. The ambulance carrying patents also suffer a lot. As a result traffic Jam causes a great problem to human life. This problem should be solved by taking proper steps. The road should be widen and the driver should follow the traffic rules. They should not park vehicles on the roads. More traffic police should be employed to control/reduce traffic jam.

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