A book Fair

Short Paragraph on A book fair for Class Six to Ten and XI

Short Paragraph on A book fair for Class Six to Ten and XI

A book fair is a place where different kinds of books are sold and displayed. It is very popular in our country. It is held n different ports of our cou8ntry. The main and very popular book fair is held in Bangla Academy in Dhaka. It is called Fkush-E-Boimela. Many good stalls are set up in the book fair. It begins on first February and it ends on 28 February. All classes of people young. Old, man, women and children gather in the book fair. The book fair becomes crowd in the evening. Every man is buy in buying and seeing the books. Novels, history books, science fictions and children books are mostly sold. The winters also visit the book fair. People can buy books at a cheap rate. It inspires us to read morfe books. So a book fair is an important place for the book lovers.

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