Tree Plantation Paragraph

Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation for Class Six to Ten


  1. What Supply us with Oxygen?
  2. What do we get from tree?
  3.  Why is our country going to become a desert?
  4.  Why observes tree planting week every year?
  5.  Why should we plant more trees?


Tree plantation means planting new trees. Trees are our best friend. They give us shade, wood, food and oxygen. Without trees no man and animal can live. Trees take carbon-di-oxide and produce oxygen. We need oxygen to breath. Trees also protect as from natural calamities. So we should plant trees to keep the environment balanced. We can plants tree all the year round, But June and July are the best time for planting trees. Most of the people of our country do not understand the importance of planning trees. They are cutting down trees regularly. As a result carbon –di-oxide is increasing and environment is polluted. It there is no trees left, it will not rain. Our country may turn into a desert and crops will not grow. So we should plant more and more3 trees to live a heather and danger tree life.

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