Importance Of ICT And the Role Of ICT In Education

In this era of advanced technology, we have to keep a deep knowledge of everything. Today I will discuss the importance of ICT in our daily life. We are here because of our technology and we are doing more and more invention with the help of advanced technology.

What would happen if there was no existence of ICT? Can you imagine? Ok, let me help you to think. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has gone the far distance and gave us a lot to gain.

What is ICT education?

You have to know what ICT education is. ICT education is based on ICT related problems and its benefits.

Nothing more or less you have to admit that from early ages you have to study on ICT. Because there is no other option available to keep pace with modern science.

What would have happened if ICT did not really exist?

A world without ICT means you do not have any information and you don’t know about the events that are occurring. Random experiments show that people are now engaging in ICT like it’s a part of life. Uses of ICT are increasing day by day.

We can’t even think of a day without ICT. People are using ICT for various purposes as you know.

From the newspaper to the business call it’s saving our valuable time. From higher educational books to online courses all are beneficial and very much needed a source.

We are getting these services only for the developed ICT sector. So, it’s very much true that we can’t think about our days without ICT.

Have you ever thought that you should live without communicating with others? Then let me clear you one thing that it will be very hard for you to live without doing any communication. As we have advanced technology, we should use it perfectly.

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Role of ICT in education

You are a student behind this you are the one who is living in this era. It’s very much challenging for a student to keep pace with the developing technology.

I am going to describe why this is so much challenging for students and you should know this.

Role of ICT in education
Role of ICT in education

First of all, if you are not able to operate the internet properly then you are far away from the advanced society. It is an example through which you can get my point.

Besides, ICT gives you the opportunity to learn machinery languages. I mean computer programming, web developing, etc. To solve a problem you will need a program in your smart device.

ICT teaches you these entire valuable things. Again communication technology is also part of education. The role of ICT in education can’t be described in words as we are entirely connected with this.

Then another question may arrive in your mind that, how to use ICT in education. In every developed and developing country, this subject is already a compulsory subject for growing kids.

At early ages, they gain primary or basic knowledge. When they grow up and go for university classes they can take it as a career.

Students have the opportunity to study with ICT worldwide. In their course subject, they achieve a lot of knowledge regarding Information and Communication Technology.

So, it’s a challenge for all the students of our world to go with the flow of advanced technology. The benefits of ICT in teaching and learning are more than you can think.

The importance of ICT in the business sector

Yes, you have read it correctly. Business strategy and benefits are related to ICT. All the successful businessmen use ICT as their advertising media along with communication media.

Basically, there are more importance of Communication that’s very important for us in Business. Now, I will describe the Importance of ICT in business. Think about a world without ICT.

You do not have Information and Communication Bridge and you are a businessman. What will happen then? You were not able to promote your brand or business. Lack of communication will lose customer trust issue. Again you have no information what customers want and what is trending right now.

You can’t know about your competitor products or services. Ultimately, you will lose a valuable market.  Hope that you have got my point. Yes, I was talking about the benefits of using ICT in the business field.

It’s very important to apply technology to grow up your business strategy. The more you can use it the more you will benefit.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

You have understood the importance of Information and Communication Technology in your modern life. Till now you have got the smell of advantages of ICT.

There are advantages of information technology in business along with some disadvantages too. For learning ICT Computer education and browsing is an important part. There are more advantages of using Computer for ICT student. Again ICT in educational advantages and disadvantages also exist.  I will point out both of them so that you can easily understand.


Go through the bullet points and you will get my point.

  • In the education system, you can know more about newly invented technology.
  • Actually, you can achieve the latest knowledge.
  • If you study with ICT then there is a big open scope for developing the entire sector.
  • In business, you can analyze and read reviews of the customer.
  • Demands of products can be statistically measured through ICT.
  • You can keep knowledge about your competitor products and services.


There are some disadvantages of ICT in society. Check it.

  • Some anonymous person uses ICT in an illegal way to create conflict in our society.
  • Many people spread fake news using ICT and sometimes it creates a great problem.
  • Some of you may subject to unwanted blackmail for your losing personal data and information.

Benefits of ICT in teaching and learning

As a student, businessman or civilian you have to admit that the importance of ICT is a must for our daily life. Since science has developed this modern era of technology you can resist yourself to get the benefits.

If you want to get benefited then you have to use it perfectly. In fact, at present the most important subject is ICT in education sector in the Asia and Europe.

My suggestion to you will be that don’t use it to harm others. Use it to developing yourself and your country. If you make your own way out then your country and society will also get a great way out. So, stay with technology.

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