Prepositions | Definition & Types with Examples and Use

Preposition definition

Preposition is a word such as “in”, “after”, “before”, “in”, “on” etc. that indicates the linking, a noun and other elements or words of a sentence.

Prepositions tie nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a clause. They assist us to realize direction, time influences, and situations.

According to “Oxford Dictionaries”, Preposition is a word that express a relation of noun and other words. For example, Alexa looks after her mother. Here “after” is a preposition which expresses the relationship of Aleza with her mother in this sentence.

Preposition is an important part of the English Grammar. Everyone’s wants to know how to use Preposition properly? From this things I have created preposition examples all of you. There are many examples of Preposition that will create it how the parts of an English sentence easy to understand fit together.

If you know preposition clearly then you will be create an attractive sentence and speak well with others.

Preposition Types with examples

It is a phrase or word that connects a noun or pronoun in a sentence. An example of preposition is the world “into” that’s example “The boy interred into the room”.

types of prepositions
types of prepositions

There are eight types of prepositions. These all prepositions with examples are available here.

  1. Simple Preposition
  2. Compound Prepositions.
  3. Double Prepositions.
  4. Participle Prepositions.
  5. Detached Prepositions.
  6. Disguised Prepositions.
  7. Phrasal Prepositions.
  8. And Appropriate Prepositions.

All preposition definition and examples

These all eight prepositions definition and examples that we use for creating complete sentence. Structure of examples of preposition sentences has given below.

1.     Simple Prepositions with examples

The sample prepositions can be used to describe a time, place, location,

Like the simple prepositions are at, in, for, on, off, over, under, out, of, up, with, once, from, by,  and to.

Try to use all simple prepositions examples details.

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Use of prepositions with examples in sample

Use of Preposition in

Basically, in is used before large places, fixed time, situation, before language or subjects, size,

use of prepositions
use of prepositions

Use of in

  • He Lives in England
  • I used to go College in the morning.
  • The foods are in good position.
  • I want to speak in
  • We live in
  • This T-shirt comes in six different sizes

Use of To

It is used to understand place, Objective, time, up to, and ratio. Those examples,

  • I will go to college tomorrow.
  • I requested him to come my office.
  • He will leave for USA to-night.
  • I will stay to complete in the office.
  • They work from morning to evening.
  • We were defeated by four to five goals.

Use of At

It is used to small place, price, Date, Specific time, dimension, milestone, profession. You can check here examples of At.

  • Now, I am at New Jersey.
  • I bought the phone at six thousand two hundred taka.
  • He will be there at 10 o’clock.
  • The car was running at ninety five miles per hour.
  • Don’t jeer, at the blind man.
  • What is he at now?

Use of on

Examples of on is used to a place that’s anything stay, Day or date, Dependence, a subject of relation, occasion.

  • The pen is on the table.
  • Big brother will come on Tuesday.
  • She was born on 3rd January 2004.
  • Don’t depend on your Facebook friend.
  • She didn’t say way on this news.
  • I congratulated on your success.
  • There are SSC results on the wall.

Use of of

Examples of “of” we use it’s to understand of friends or of garden. Also, we use It’s as external meanings source, Objects, causes, time, distance, Subjects.

  • Source: He came of the best family.
  • Objects: He prefers to wear the dress of blue colors.
  • Causes: Araf died of Cancer.
  • Genitive: We eat Tomatoes of our own growing.
  • Time: What do you do of Sunday?
  • Distance: I never thought of your earning.

Use of with

We use the examples of with to understand with anything or together.

  • Element: Fill in the bag with Apple.
  • Relationship: I always go to college with my friend.
  • Hostility: Don’t quarrel with your familiar.
  • Behavior: Always, I work with pleasure.
  • Despite: With all your faults I still like you.
  • Match of opinion: Alif didn’t agree with me.

Use of about

About means relation or context, basically, we use about in a place, time, relation, nearing.

  • Place: The students are standing about here and there.
  • Time: Then it was about eleven o’clock.
  • Relation: Before two years ago, I knew nothing about Laptop.
  • Nearing: Jack was about to die.

Use of For

We use for in the different situation like objective, for causes, times, usefulness, In spite of, ownership and so.

  • Objective: Let us go for a walk.
  • Causes: He was suspended for his behavior.
  • Times: I will stay here for a few days.
  • Usefulness: Nut’s are good for brain.
  • In spite of: For all I have said against you, she still love you.
  • Ownership: Are all the books for me?

Use of from, up, off, out, through, over, by

The examples of sample preposition like from, up, off, out, through, over, by

Use of From:

  • My brother was blind from birth
  • A latter comes from his father.
  • He will come back from USA next month.
  • Use of up: He was climbing up the tower.
  • Her family was living up the hill.
  • Use of off: His girlfriend is off smoking.
  • We fell off my motor-bike.
  • Use of out: He took out his book and flipped the pages.
  • She had to go out of the home.
  • Use of through: We may go to the home through river.
  • We came to know it through the television news.
  • Use of over: Will you be able to stay here over Saturday.
  • The total family is placed over my father.
  • Use of by: My friend house is by the river.
  • Do you work by day or by evening?
  • She was killed by a stick.

2.    Compound prepositions with examples

A compound preposition is used as a single preposition. In fact, it consists of two words like as because of, due to, instead of, behind, before, without and more.

Some explain are consists of two words:

Behind = (By+hind), after= (of+ter), before= (by+fore), without= (with+out)

Between = (by+twain), Below= (by+low), Among = (on+gemang),

Around= (on+round), Against= (on+going), Along= (on+long).

Some compound prepositions examples sentence are here.

  • Use of behind: The boy is running behind the thief.
  • Taskia is for behind the first girl of her class in English.
  • Use of after: She left the office after me.
  • After all my conscious, I could not keep it okay.
  • Use of before: I will be there before lunch time.
  • I will disclose the thing before him.
  • Use of without: Why did you do it without my permission?
  • We can’t run once a time without money.
  • Use of Between: There was a cyclist between the bus and the lorry.
  • You will judge between us now.
  • Use of Below: May I write my name below this line.
  • This post is below my dignity.
  • Use of among: Oxford University is among the best Universities of the world.
  • Distribute the smart card among the Voters.
  • Use of Around: The car came around the bend
  • We walked around the road.
  • Use of against: It’s not easy to go against your wife.
  • They stored up some fruit against the rainy season.
  • Use of Along: We were walking along the street.

3.    Double proposition examples sentences

Before the same object stayed in two prepositions so, we called double preposition like into= “in+to”, upon= “Up+on”, within= “with+in” etc. The examples of double prepositions sentence has given here.

  • Use of into: The boy interred into the room.
  • Use of Upon: My whole future depended upon the decision of my parents.
  • Use of within: His house is within two miles of the Bus Station.
  • Use of out of: The snake came out of the hole.

4.    Participle Prepositions with examples

Basically, Participle prepositions are participle (gerund forms -ing, or –ed forms), where’s include: following, regarding, during, including, pending etc.

  • Following: Following our disagreement, we will go ahead with the plans to create a new job.
  • Regarding: He was talking to my friend Jack regarding the new business developments.
  • During: We are working during the night and I am exhausted.
  • Including: The Managing Director was going over the possible factors, including the impossible ones.

5.     Detached Prepositions with examples

You can check here the detached preposition with two examples:

  • Whom are you waiting for?
  • Whom will you talk to me?

6.     Disguised Prepositions with examples

Disguised prepositions with examples that you can read for getting ideas.

  • I get a holyday once on week a day.
  • His earning one dollar on day.

7.    Prepositional phrase examples

Two or more words are creates a phrase that’s the end of word is a sample preposition. Follow the 10 examples of prepositional phrasSes that are very effective for English learners.

  1. In front of: The girl stays in front of me. d
  2. In any case: In any case I don’t want to go because, I wasn’t invited.
  3. For the moment: I’m happy living in USA for the moment.
  4. For the sake of: They stayed together for the sake of their govt. job.
  5. In love with: I fell in love with him the moment I met him.
  6. In the End: In the end, the friends and family are the most effective people in the life.
  7. In agreement with: I’m in agreement with my clients in many of the views.
  8. For a while: I haven’t spoken English to him for a while.
  9. Up the hill: I climbed up the hill.
  10. Because of: I couldn’t attend the class because of fever.

8.    Appropriate preposition with examples

Some adjectives, verbs, and nouns are followed by particular prepositions. To speak and write well in English it’s very important to know the use of preposition but, it doesn’t obey any rules. Some Appropriate preposition list with examples has given below.

  • Adapt to: You must learn to adapt oneself to changing fields.
  • Addicted to: He is addicted to Intoxication.
  • Admit of: This is an important matter which admits of no stay.
  • Backward in: He is rather backward in his office.

Overall, these all eight types of preposition is very effective part of English grammar. So, you have to go through all preposition examples and rules to build excellent skills in English. Finally, it is used to show time, location, condition, direction, possession and cause.

Hope guys, you already have got some essential preposition example and their uses. If you think need some addition here then comment. I will add if you need. Besides if you want another important English rules and examples, let me know.  Stay with us for getting clear concept of Phrasal Prepositions

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