Simple Future Tense With Examples

This future tense is used to refer to indicate an action, event or condition that will be happening in the future. Simple Future Tense is a part of Future tense.

Example:   He will do the work.

They will go to college.

I shall be reading all night.

There are four kinds of the future tense. They are:

  • Future Indefinite or Simple
  • Future Continuous
  • Future Perfect &
  • Future Perfect Continuous

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Future Simple Tense

Definition: Future indefinite tense is used when an action will be done or will happen in future time. Sometimes, it is called ‘simple future tense’.

Simple future tense
Simple future tense

For example, It will rain tomorrow.

We shall go to college.

They will go to university.

Structure: Subject + shall/will + verb +object.

Examples of Future Indefinite Tense

They will do their work.

I shall go home tomorrow.

Her examination will start soon.

He will got to London tomorrow.

I shall wait for you.

The pattern of the exam will change next year.

To express willingness we use simple future tense

e.g., He will carry your books for you.

Note 1:  We use ‘shall’ instead of ‘will’ and ‘will’ instead of ‘shall’ when you talk about strong intention or promise.

For example, He will do the work.

I will go to the University.

You shall not go to the cinema hall.

Note 2: When an action is planned or arranged to take place in the near future, present continuous is used instead of the simple future tense.

For example, My father is coming home yesterday.

I am going to the cinema hall this afternoon.

Note 3: Simple Future Tense generally expresses pure or colorless future. When the future is colored with intention, the going to +infinitive construction is preferred.

For example, He is going to build a new house. But, I shall see him tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be on Sunday.                   –Wren & Martin.


Different forms of Future Indefinite (Simple Future)

Negative: Structure: Subject + shall/ will + not +verb + object.

For examples: We shall not do the work.

I will not go to college tomorrow.

He will not write a letter.

Interrogative: Structure: shall/will + subject + verb +object +?

For example: Shall I do my homework?

Will you write a letter?

Will they go to the picnic?

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