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A vs An | How to use Article? and Difference between A and An

What is the article? A, An, & The are called articles. Articles are used to get at or point out or refer to nouns. Here, you will get A vs An and how to use articles.

We know that there are two types of articles.

  1. Definite articles
  2. Indefinite article

The indefinite article

A & An are called indefinite articles. The indefinite article does not refer to any particular or precise person place or things.

For instance: An Umbrella, a girl, a pen, book, an apple, an egg.

Definite articles

The is called the indefinite article cause indefinite article always points out some particular object.

For example, The cow is a useful animal. The rose is a sweet flower.

How to use articles?

Today I would like to share and explain how to use articles A, An & The.

Rule #1: (1) Before consonant sounds use A.

For example A dog, A cow, A girl, A House, A tree

(2) Before vowel sounds use An.

For example An apple, an engineer, and umbrella, an egg

Rule #2: Before use with countable nouns only A and An.

For example A University, A spinach omelette, An exciting story, An hour, An MA in English, An hour, A teacher, A car, An elephant.

Rule # 3: Before the words formed by o Use An. Just use one sound.

For example An open field, an open-heart surgery, an orange, A one-eyed man, A one-taka note

Rule # 4: Use The with unique things.

For example:

The moon, The sun, The world.

When to use A vs An

Rule # 1: Use A before consonants sound

For example A hen, A pen, A mobile phone.

Use “An” before vowel sounds.

For example An egg, An apple, an interesting story.

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A vs A use before H

If the first letter of the word and if the H at pronunciation like “H” word then before this type of word use A. On the other hand, if “H” is not pronunciation use before these words use An.

For example A horse, a historian, An honest man, an hour.

“A & An” before acronym.re

These very same rules apply to acronyms:

Correct: A Society of Writers member was quoted in the article.

Incorrect: A S.O.W. member was quoted in the article.

Correct: An S.O.W. member was quoted in the article.

Cause S sounds as like as it begins with a vowel sound (ess), an should be used in front of it.

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When do you use a vs an?

Let’s get started three primary use of these articles:

Rule # 1: When we mention something or someone for the first time, then we use A/AN.

For example, I saw a rainbow yesterday.

I consulted an optician yesterday.

Rule # 2: When we mention something, or someone is one of a group, then use A/An.

It was a free rainbow.

He is an optician in America.

Rule # 3: Use A & An When we say about someone their job is?

For example, My father is a doctor.

Ibrahim is an engineer.

Finally, I would like to say that every student should follow these articles on grammar rules. So, everyone will be able to learn and can take primary active from here if he/she follows this rule to learn article rule.

I hope they will learn many things forms; this rule also essential this rule on the grammar part of the article.

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