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Uses of the article with examples (A, An and the) in Grammar

Article is an important part of English Grammar. English has two types of article “The” and “A/An”. In this post, you can get details about an article like examples of article, how to use the article in Grammar, Types of article and uses of the article.

What is Article?

Do you know what an article is? Basically, Article is an adjective and article modifies nouns. Besides, In English ‘A/the’ is called articles in English Grammar.

Types of article

In English Grammar, there are two types of Article. These two types of article uses are given below.

  1. Indefinite Article (A, An)
  2. Definite Article. (The)

Indefinite Article: A and An is called Indefinite article because, they didn’t undefine any object, person, and animals.

Basically, A and An is used before a singular countable noun. There is no difference between A and An by the meaning But, there is a difference from the uses of it. Examples of articles in Indefinite are

  • He bought a pen
  • The boy took an

Definite Article: “The” is called the definite article because; it’s defined one and more object or animals.

Define article, Singular and Plural before Noun both types.  Examples of articles definite are

  • The girl is reading
  • The horse is a faithful animal or a horse is a faithful animal.

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Uses of the Article

Two types of the article we use in sentences. These Indefinite and definite use of article details has given below.

 Uses of A and An

There are more uses of the A and An. These all have given here.

  1. Usually, if consonant stayed at the beginning of the word is before “a” and before vowel (a, e, I, o, u) an.

For example a boy, a pen, an apple, an egg etc.

  1. In short word of abbreviation if the first word of vowel-like this vowel siting before an.

For example an M.A, an F.R.C, an M.B.B.S.

But, a short word of abbreviation first world is to be pronounced like consonant before siting a.

For example a B.A, a B.Sc, a B.A.G.

  1. One type all things are singular common noun before sitting a/an Like

A dog is a faithful animal, an ant is industrious.

  1. If a certain person or object is indicated before sitting indefinite article a/an like

I live in a single room; He bought an ice-cream.

  1. Before a plural noun, if uses few, lot of, good, many, good deal etc sitting “a”. Like as He earns a lot of money, there are a few apples on the table, King Solomon had a great deal of money, there is a little water in the glass.

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Uses of the: Definite article

Here, you can get used of ‘The’ in article. There are different types of using the definite article ‘The’.

  1. In specifies common Noun of singular and Plural both number before using the article ‘The’ like as

The girl is playing in the field.

  1. One nation means all of the singular common nouns before using ‘the’ like as

The rose is a beautiful flower.

The cow is a useful animal.

  1. River, Sea, ocean, bay, ship etc before this name of using ‘the’ like as

The Ocean, the Himalayas, The Pacific etc.

  1. The name of date before using ‘The’ like The 10th November, the 16th
  2. The name of Race or community before using ‘the’ like The English, the rich, the pious, the Muslims etc.

There are more uses of ‘the’ article and use of ‘a/an’ for the Grammar. I think these rules will be helpful for English learners.

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