Present Perfect Continuous Tense with examples

The present perfect continuous tense is used to refer that the actions or event started in the past and it is continuing at the present time that means it doesn’t finish still continued. This tense refers to an unspecified time.

It is also known as Present Perfect Progressive Tense. Now we discuss present perfect progressive tense in details with structure and examples.

Definition: The Present Perfect Continuous Tense represents the action or work which started in the past and is still continuing at the present time.

For examples: I have been eating egg for ten minutes.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense Structure

From these examples, we see that the work start in the past but still running for this the sentence included the present perfect continuous tense.       

Present Perfect Continuous tense
Present Perfect Continuous tense
Structure: Subject + have/has been + main verb +ing +extension.

Examples of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

In present perfect continuous tense, we use since before specified time and use for before a period of time.

For example

He has been writing for two hours.

I have been reading since afternoon.

I have been reading two books since morning.

We have been watching a movie for two hours.

She has been listening to a song for half an hours.

My wife has been cooking for two hours.

We have been watching the concert since evening.

They have been studying their lessons since morning.

They have been writing for two hours.

He has been living Dhaka for two years.

Present perfect continuous activities of Negative and Interrogative

 Negative form:  Subject + have/has not+ been + main verb +ing +extension.

For example, He has not been reading for his exam.

They have not been doing their homework.

I have not been feeling well for two hours.

She has not been singing since afternoon.

Interrogative form:  have/has + Subject + been + main verb +ing +extension.

For example: Has he been writing for two hours?

Have they been doing their home task properly?

Has he been making food for one hour?

Has she been dancing since evening?

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