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Simple Present Tense With Examples

The most basic tense in English grammar is Simple Present tense which is also known as present indefinite tense.  It occurs only on a regular basis in current time.

It is used on actions which include habitual actions, general truths, and unchanging situations, etc. Again we also say that the present simple tense is used when the event occurs right now or regularly and the fact is true for all times.


Present simple tense is used to present action or an event which occurs on a regular basis in current time.

Structure: Subject + Present form of main verb + Extension.

Present simple tense examples

I eat rice.

Simple Present Tense with examples
Simple Present Tense with examples

He goes to university.


They play football in the central field.

I do my work properly.

Kids watch the cartoon.

I write a book.

They eat their lunch.

The library closes at 9 pm.

I watch TV news daily.

Already, I finish my lab task properly.

I see a series once a year.

We play the guitar every morning.

We add -s or -es at the end of the main verb if the person is 3rd person singular number.

He learns English.

He plays video games every day.

Lina plays UNO.

She makes food for lunch.

He writes me a letter.

She draws a map.

She speaks in English at home with her family members.

For repeated actions

He goes to the market every morning.

They come in the central field every morning for exercise.

They watch the news every night.

 For Habitual truth

She only eats vegetables.

He drinks milk at supper.

For general truth

The sun rises in the east.

The color of the milk is white.

The sunset in the waste.

The Earth revolves around the Sun.

Water freezes at zero degrees.

Negative form of present simple tense

Structure: Subject + do / does + not + present form of main verb + extension.


He doesn’t complete his home task.

I don’t go out to meet him.

They don’t attend the meeting today.

She doesn’t watch the TV show.

Olds and kids do not like medicine.

They do not take physical exercise.

She does not like swimming.

Interrogative form of present simple tense

Structure: Main verb (Present form) + subject + extension +?


Am I wrong about her?

Do you need some food?

Does he come in time?

Do they complete their task?

May I ask you about your personal matter?

Do you sleep?

Does he ride properly?

Does she like to cook?

Do they think about their future?

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