Future Perfect Continuous Tense with examples

Future Perfect Continuous tense expresses an activity that will stay up until an argument in the future. When this tense express we are making ourselves looking backwards and also making ourselves to look forward in time and also from the future we look at the previous period of time. The action will have started in the past or present or future.

Definition: Future perfect tense is used when the doer will have been doing the work by a certain future time. That is it describes the ongoing activity that will finish in the future. It is also called the Future Perfect Progressive Tense.

For example, I shall have been working for some time before you come.

They will have been playing cricket.

Structure: Subject + shall have / will have + been + (verb + ing) + extension.

Examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

He will have been playing cricket.

I will have been working in your office for two years.

I will have been waiting for you for thirteen minutes.

The writer will have been writing a story before he comes.

They will have been singing different types of song in the program.

I will have been shopping for her before she comes home.

He will have been studying home for his examination.

We will have been doing our business since December.

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Use of since and for in Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Parfect Continuous Tense
Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  • We use since when expressing the particular beginning time. E.g., Saturday, Sunday or 5 pm, 10 am, etc.

For example:

He will have been working since morning.

The kid will have been playing since 4 PM.

She will have been working as a chef since January.

They will have been discussing the program for two hours.

She will have been playing an online game since November.

  • We use the word to express the amount of period. E.g., for five hours, for ten hours, for one week, etc.

For example:

The doctor will have been treating patients for two months.

She will have been singing a song for ten minutes.

They will have been travelling to London for one week.

I will have been waiting for you for two months.

He will have been using this bike for two years.

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Negative and Interrogative forms of Future Perfect Continuous Tense


Structure: Subject + will+ not + have been + (verb + +ing) +extension.


He will not have been doing his project.

She will not have been playing games since December.

I will not have been teaching since January.

They will not have been living here for two months.

We can write will not as won’t, so the examples become:

They won’t have been running their company since November.

She won’t have been studying on Monday.


Structure: will + subject + have been + (verb + ing) + extension +?


Will she have been singing a song for me?

Will he have been waiting for me since Monday?

Will they have been starting their new job?

Will we have been travelling for three times?

Will she have been writing a story for Hollywood?

Will they have been playing football for two hours?

Will you have been living here for two years?

Will we have been watching a movie?

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