Bilingualism or Multilingualism

Bilingualism or Multilingualism: A Nutshell Conversation

Bilingualism or Multilingualism implies a person having knowledge with two or more languages! It has been becoming very prominent as well as, getting fundamental to the students and job petitioners day by day as it has vast benefits for the job holders or professional outcomes. Not only in the academic standpoints but also the stage of abroad, multinational companies, foreign ministries, it has a great implication of using variously.

Nowadays, it has become very familiar to the freelancers, online businessmen and general people as well. Bilingualism, however, gives a man a lot of capacities of being punctual and reckoning extensively about a consequence or phenomenon.

What is the Core Meaning of Bilingualism or Multilingualism?

The parlance ‘Bilingualism’ -or more precisely ‘Multilingualism’- is wielded for indicating an object of speaking and comprehending two or more than two languages.

The individual who talks in two languages or who has that ability is called ‘Bilingual’ and who talks in more than two languages is called ‘Multilingual’. These terms can be used individually for implying a person (individual bilingual) and can be used for referring to a whole society (social bilinguals).

Benefits of Being a Bilingual

Benefits of being Bilingualism
Benefits of being Bilingualism

1. Unimaginable Capacity of the Brain

Research says that a bilingual person accomplishes an excellent capacity of memorizing something more sharply than any common people. They get blessed by the memorizing power of numbers, semantic circumstances, historical events or timelines and long serial of ordinal or cardinal numbers as well. Their exhibition of vast words assists them to remember any word or past aspect quickly than any other people. It’s also helps a bilingual to improve activities, skills of thinking or doing multi-tasks at a time and controlling and deciphering a problem.

2. Managing Power

A bilingual person is more creative and powerful to manage a situation than any other general or ordinary person. Suppose someone who is ‘monolingual’ and, loves travelling and he travelled to Singapore, but when he attempted to talk with the hotel manager in English he wouldn’t be able to speak at all. But, from the other side, the manager of the hotel understood the circumstance and talked with that traveler in his (traveler) language, thus the communication became easier. That is the strength of managing a situation which is so easy to a bilingual or multilingual person.

3. More Knowledgeable than Others

A bilingual person comes to be more knowledgeable in terms of his vocabulary collection or memorizing power of anything. As he knows more than one or two languages, he is capable of talking and speaking with more people and thus, he can speculate a matter broadly. In the learning purpose of a secondary language, a person reads many books and writes more. And he has to read not only grammatical books or ordinary books but also has to read historical, empirical, and novel and poesies books of his/her targeting language. Thus, he gathers more knowledge than any other person.

4. Cultural and Social Benefits

Bilinguals are blessed with having known more than one or two languages and it helps him creating a cultural and social hub among the high-officials and individuals of the society. This bilingualism enables him to create more friends, seniors and mentors those play a great role in his life. Besides that, he can exchange his views easily and society also accounts him to something respectfully.

5. Job Opportunities

A bilingual person is ahead in the job sector than other conventional persons. Now, this era is an era of technology and sciences. The world economy is swinging on the communication between and among the nations. As we are living in a ‘Global Village’, which country is more connected with the others that country is more developed. And that country is ahead of having the credit of developed like, China, USA, Japan, Canada, Turkey, and France and so on. For instance, China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC) needs some persons who would be blessed with talking Bengali and Chinese as well in the purpose of playing a role of language ambassador between and among the engineers. In this case, who knows more languages he is ahead of others.

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6. The Power of Multi-tasking and Decision Making

Science and medical researchers say that a bilingual person has an immense capacity of multi-tasking. Being powerful in knowing more languages, he can do his bunch of work as soon as possible. Scientists say a man doesn’t use 15% of his whole brain capacity throughout his life. Even, his multi-tasking power is unimaginable which is more powerful than a ‘super-computer’. In this type of race, who is more knowledgeable, he is more genius to finish his work technically. A bilingual person is also blessed with the power of quick decision making, maybe, for this reason; many multinational companies seek bilinguals or multilinguals in job recruitment for their international business.

7. Reading Capacity of People’s Mind and Emotions

A bilingual person can effortlessly read the mind of other people. They can understand what other people think about him/her. Bilingual can easily handle a baffling situation among his friends or communities. For example, a Bangladeshi person who knows English he will be always helpful to hear your English carefully. He will help you to speak precisely rather than mocking at your pronunciation or other things. On the other hand, a Bangladeshi who doesn’t know English he would mock at you because of not knowing English. That’s the difference!

8. Boosting of Long-term Neurological Health

A scientific research says that a bilingual man develops dementia an average of 4.5 years more than older people who speak only one language. Though it doesn’t stave off any disease from their health, it contains their “extra grey matter” for a long time. Another research which took place in India says that the bilinguals’ bodies can recover quickly from any mental pressure. Moreover, the bilinguals have better planning and problem-solving skills.

9. Bilinguals are Attractive to Others

The bilinguals are always respected by others. Every type of person obeys them and respects them in their arena. Even, general people are always curious to see a bilingual’s performance. In this era of globalization, the young general loves to meet and marry a bilingual, research says. In a survey of Rocket Language software, 79% of general people think that bilingual is more attractive to general people. Besides that, 77% of people perceive that the people are more intelligent if they speak the secondary language.

10. Ahead in PhD race and Scholarship

A bilingual student is always ahead of others in getting scholarship from abroad. The top class-ranked university of the world always demands a bilingual student, who knows English or targeting country’s language, for giving rise to the education procedure easier. For this reason, a bilingual or a multilingual student is ahead of others in the race of getting the scholarship.

Conclusion and Statistics on Bilingualism

  1. According to the US Census Bureau of 2019, 20 per cent of Americans can speak in two or more languages whereas 56 per cent of Europeans can do the same.
  2. European Commission Survey found the same thing that 56% of people of European countries are able to speak in a second language than their mother tongue.
  3. European Commission Survey also found that 99% of Luxembourgers and 95 % of Latvians speak more than one language.
  4. The Associated Press reports the 66% of world children are rising with bilingualism or multilingualism in this technological era.

So, to be bilingual is so important in this modern era. Not only for job opportunities but also for proving the existence of someone in this challenging world, he should be bilingual or multilingual.

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