Masters degree in Canada

Masters Degree in Canada: A complete guideline for you

Canada is the world’s second-biggest country by volume. Over 1.9 million international students are there to achieve a master’s degree in Canada. They have shown their cultural diversity to the world to increase attention and they reached their destination.

After becoming an undergraduate their next study stage is a graduate degree which we normally called a master’s degree.

Nearly 300,000 international studying to gain degrees from world-known universities in Canada. Educational importance allows students to choose Canada. Because of some words, the best universities have let the students achieve their desire knowledge. Canada’s universities offer almost every kind of subjects for students.

Masters Degree in Canada: A complete guideline for you 5

From History of Arts to Neuroscience, from Marketing to Engineering, almost in every field Canadian Universities offer many degrees. Like Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, PhD etc.

Why should you do masters in Canada?

As I said earlier, Canada is the biggest country after Russia according to volume. People from all over the world live here. Their cultural diversity always attracts the world. Alongside their beauty and culture, their friendliness and hospitality force the students to go there for their desire studies. Meeting with people from other parts of the world will broaden your thinking.

Students eagerly want to finish their masters in Canada universities because of their university’s name and fame. You can study in almost every field in Canada. Some country may not have all kinds of facilities according to various fields. But for the last few years, Canada shows the world their ability to research and education and attracts more and more people and students.

Masters in Canada Requirements

There are lots of famous universities alongside general universities. But the quality of all universities is approximately similar. So you can finish your master’s course at any of Canadian Universities. But every university has its own requirements for local students and also for international students.

So you will have to decide which university will be beneficial for you. But let’s talk about some requirement for masters programs in Canada for international students. We will show you the requirements list of 4 universities. From these 4 universities, you can get an idea about the requirements of every university in Canada.

McGill University

  • You will have to earn a bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognized university. Or achieve an undergraduate degree from McGill University before you apply for the master’s program.
  • According to the grading scale, you must have to obtain 3.00-4.00 or equivalent.
  • They want to see the proficiency of your English. So test your proficiency to complete this requirement by TOEFL or IELTS. If you take a test on TOEFL, then you will have to achieve overall 86 on IBT. Each four components score must have to be more than 20 and PBT score needs to be 567. The institutional version of TOEFL is not allowed. If you test yourself by IELTS then you will have to gain a band score of 6.5 or higher.
  • Every unit may have some additional requirements.

University of Alberta

  • A bachelor degree or an undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognized university by the University of Alberta.
  • In the number grading system, you will have to obtain 3-4 credits. In the letter, you must have to gain a B grade. But the least academic requirements vary from country to country.
  • The University of Alberta accepts many English language skill tests. In TOEFL you need to get an overall 88. A score of 550 in paper-based and a score of 213 in computer-based. A score of 85 in MELAB is required. This university requires a band score of 6.5 in the overall IELTS exam and 5.5 or higher in every individual test in academic-based.
  • Though every department is not the same. Some of them may require some additional expertise.

University of Ottawa

  • As usual, you will have to get a bachelor degree from a recognized university.
  • If you got 70% marks in your undergraduate exam or equivalent, then you can apply. Otherwise no chance.
  • They only accept the TOEFL result to check your English skill. In the paper-based exam, you will have got at least 600 and 100 in the internet-based exam to qualify for the application.
  • Additional requirements vary from unit to unit.

Masters Degree in Canada: A complete guideline for you 6

McMaster University

  • Their master’s program requirements say that you just have to be an undergraduate. They did not mention the recognized university. So this is the plus point for some students.
  • If you can achieve B+ (B- for Engineering) then you can apply for the master’s program.
  • They almost accept every kind of English language skill test. Like TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, MELAB, PTE Academic etc. In IELTS they want 6.5 in overall with 5.5 in each section. In CAEL they require a least of 60 in each band with an overall least score of 70. McMaster University has given the least score need in every section of TOEFL. If you have a score of 92 (internet-based), 237 (computer-based) and 580 ( paper-based), then you can apply for the master’s degree at this university.
  • As usual, every department may have some additional needs for the applicants.

The common requirement for Masters degree in Canada for International students

Every university does not require a bachelor degree or equivalent. When you are an international student you will have to follow more rules then I give above. Some common masters in Canada requirements are listed below.

  • Study permit from your country.
  • One/two recommendation letter.
  • 100$ for applying fees and they are not refundable.
  • Though every university requires various IELTS band score. But if you can gain 7.5 in total tests. Then you can apply to every university in Canada.
  • Even if you pay 100$ as an application fee, they might not allow you to admit in their university. Because every year they get hundreds of application from several countries. So they will allow students with higher grades in every department.
  • Most of the university has 1-year masters programs in Canada.

The Average Cost of University in Canada

If you are thinking about a cheap master’s degree in Canada, then this country is not for you. Because they will ask you for higher fees for every task. Like tuition fees, semester fees and some additional fees. Masters in Canada cost’s too much for a student. But they will give you the best service for your education. So don’t be worried about the fees.

If you are from Canada, you may have to pay CA$7,000 per year for a graduate degree. But if you are an international student, then you may have to pay about CA$27,000 per year for a graduate degree. There is a huge difference between the two of them because for international students it includes all his hostel fees and for everything. But they provide scholarships to some students. If you can achieve any academic record then you might get one of the scholarships from universities. It will decrease your cost.

Education is the most essential fundamental element of our life. So, everyone needs to be well educated. Generally, the master’s is the last stage of our study. So if anyone wants to gather a higher knowledge in any field then he will have to complete at least a graduate program. So, it is important to decide your destination to complete your course.

If you have ms in Canada eligibility, then I will suggest you finish your master’s degree in Canada. Facilities and the beauty of Canada will definitely amaze you. So, fulfill their requirements and enjoy your study in Canada.

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