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A Journey by Train Essay for all class of students

Train Journey is a best way to go any place in a country. A Journey by train Essay on short and long way you can get here for learning all of the classes students.  Also, there are several advantages of travelling by train. Everyone can stretch, relax mode, move around; something which could hardly be brought when travelling in a bus or hice.

A train Journey also offers an exclusive view of the culture and landscapes. When you travel in a train to go 4-5 hours journey then off course you will feel very good and if you set besides of window will see natural weather.

A Journey by train short Essay (350 words)

Follow this full short essay about train journey. Just share in an experience about a person.

Journey is always a pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a travelling, my mind leaps up with joy. But, my extreme pleasure is in a train journey.

Basically, A journey by plane is costly. A journey by bus is very risky and uncomfortable but, a train journey is pleasant, comfortable and safe.

I got sufficient time, in the last autumn vacation. So, I made up my mind to make a journey by train from Dhaka to Kolkata in India. I reached the station about one hour before the departure of the train. It was a very busy time. Rickshaw, motor cars and other vehicles were coming to the station with passengers.

Collies were running behind them. There were the shouts and rush of the passengers and the coolies. After sometimes hearing a whistle, the passengers stood in a queue before the ticket counter. I stood in the line and bought a first class ticket.

In actual time came and the save whistled and waved his flag. Everybody tried to get into the train first. Later, much difficulty I got into a first class compartment. The compartment was full to its capacity.

The train left the station. Slowly, the speed of the train increased. I looked outside and found the beauty of nature. There were jute and sugarcane plants here and there. They were tossing their heads in the breeze.

The train was a Maitree train. It touched only at the big stations. Passengers were getting down and some were getting into the train. The hawkers and the coolies were shouting. They were very busy too. At last the train reached at the Kolkata station. At 10 pm. I got down. The journey in my heart I bore. It gave me more pleasure. But, it was one of the most memorable days in my life.

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Essay on a Journey by train long (500 words)

If you are a student of higher secondary or high level education so, you need to write long essay. So, lets see full essay about a train journey.


Train is the big vehicles on the land. It’s line difference from the other roads. My brother named John who lived in Dhaka. He comes to our home in the festivals day. He use train for journey. It is the best platform to go any place for him. Most of the people like this vehicles to go anyplace.

Occasion of a journey

Once a day I wanted to go my brother’s house in Dhaka from my place Kolkata. I went Shiliguri train station and buy a ticket in Moitry train. I go on board compartment in the second class but, I was really good because, I am going first to my brother’s house. And it is my first train journey.

New Experience

I got a seat in front of window. I was running in a sweet atmosphere. I can’t say my good happiness in this weather. The train was going into the natural environment. Really, it’s very beautiful as it is my first journey so, my feelings was really good. Sometimes hawkers come to me and say to buy his foods. In the lunch time I thought I need to lunch but, didn’t any lunch.

Thus the same time a person come to me by take Chicken biryani then I bought and taken lunch. It was great to eat food because, No any journey this types of facilities without fly journey. I saw first time so, I am surprised. Besides, there are some events that was surprised me. Like a blind are paying money for his/her family, difference types of human are going to the different place, some children are playing into the train and eating the different things.

Attractive moment

The compartment presented a good scene. Some of the passengers were speaking on several matters. And some were reading newspapers and playing android games. Hawkers came up to us with their goods and foods for sale.

I passed plains bridges, beautiful rivars, with their natural scenery with my brothers. That’s right time I got tea and taken to drink. It’s also really good. I was searching tea because, I like to drink tea. After 5 hours we reached in Dhaka Komlapur station.  When the train stopped then I got down. It is my fast experience so; my mind was so good in the time of journey.


In fact, I had a digital camera and took some moments capture of the railway bridge, in front of windows and other place. In fact, it gave me so much pleasure and I was good experienced with the day journey. From now I will continue my journey by train because, I’m feeling so good.

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