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Short Paragraph on A bus stand for class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on A bus stand for class Six to Ten


  1.  What is a Bus Stand?
  2.  Who use it?
  3.  What sorts of People come here?
  4.  Here, do passengers suffer much?
  5.  How do Passengers collect ticket?
  6. What do we see in the bus stand?


A bus stand is a place where the buses stop and start from. It is an important place for communication. The passenger go there to travel by bus from one place to another. Some buses are standing at the bus stand and some buses came to the bus stand at different time. There are sheds for the passengers at the bus stand. People wait there for the buses. Local passenger need not by tickets but the passengers of coaches for going for place need to buy tickets. In the b us stand there are many hawker. They sells book, muri, chanachur, tea, cigarettes, betel leaf and news paper4 etc. A bus stand is a very busy place when the local bus comes, the passenger stand in a live to get on the bus. The bus drivers and the conductors are also busy to carry more passengers. The passengers also tried to take the seat firs. However a bus stand is busy, noisy, crowd and dirty place. It should be kept clean and developed for the better service of the passenger.

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