How to clean humidifier

Here you go with how to clean your humidifier with the easiest way!

Maintaining a clean life is undoubtedly beautiful.Hence cleaning our appliances on regular basis indicates towards a healthier lifestyle.Those who uses Honeywell warm mist humidifier at their home I have few tips on how to clean it accurately step by step:-

How often:

It is advised to clean humidifier at least thrice in a month or weekly to keep it operating efficiently.

In which order:

To clean it there are two separate processes one is scale removal or descaling and the other one is disinfecting.

Ingredients needed for the activity to be performed:

For these important processes the following  stuffs are needed to complete both  cleaning processes-

°distilled white vinegar

° bleach

°a one gallon jug 

°measuring cup

°a soft cloth 

°cotton swabs and

° a toothbrush.


  • It is mandatory to perform the two processes individually meanwhile letting not the two solutions the vinegar and the bleach get mixed together by any means at all!  Because it may create dangerous chemical reaction at their mixture,so be cautious.
  • Turn off and unplug your humidifier with dry hands, if you recently used the humidifier please wait 20-30 minutes until it cools down.


Comfy area:

Then come to  a sink or faucet with humidifier,put it on a stable surface.

Consequences of the disassemble:

∆ Remove the tank and unscrew the cap and empty the tank by throwing the existing water from the tank also extra accessories in it if using 

 before starting to clean and remove the cooling chamber by  pushing the locking tab toward the back of the unit and lifting the chamber up.

∆Get the tray out of the humidifier by pushing on the locking tab toward the back of the unit and lifting the tray straight up .

∆Empty any remaining water from the removable tray.

∆Get the medicine cup out of the cooling chamber  by pulling straight up .

∆Completely cover the heating element with one cup of white vinegar.

∆Replace a removable tray back over the heating element making sure the locking tab locks into place.

Activity of the chemical:

Let soak it for 20 minutes.the vinegar solution will loosen the mineral build up also known as scale on the heating element and on the bottom of the removable tray as they soak.



While the parts are soaking clean the tank and put it aside, clean the cooling chamber and medicine cup with a little vinegar using a cloth or toothbrush.

Rinse until the smell of vinegar is gone.

After moistening of the scale of mineral or microbes remove the tray and pour the vinegar out of the base of humidifier.

If needed gently scrub the heating element with soft brush to remove the mineral deposit on it.


Avoid rough brush:

Do not use hard abrasive brush as it scratches the surface of the machine. 


Now it’s time to start the disinfection process!

* Wear globes prior to apply bleach for protection as it’s a highly corrosive chemical or your soft hands may get injured!

*  Take in one teaspoon of bleach and add it to one gallon of water.

*DON’T use more than one teaspoon or you may cause physical harm to the humidifier.

* When the heating chamber is filled with one cup of bleach solution to completely cover the heating element 

place a removable tray over the heating element.

* Push the locking tab toward the back of the unit so that the tray locks into place and set well.

*Let it soak for around 15-20 min.

* While these parts are soaking pour the remaining solution into the water tank replace the cap and swish the solution around the entire water tank make sure all the corners are get touched with that disinfectant solution.

* Swipe or brush the cooling chamber ,medicine cup and the cover of mist chimney  carefully.

* Once all the components are clean rinse with running water until the smell of bleach is gone.


Gathering the parts together:-

After the scale dismissal and disinfection process is done dry all the parts up and prepare to reassemble every parts of the humidifier.

-Replace a removable tray over the heating element  Making sure that the locking tab locks the tray into.

-Put the cooling chamber tab over the removable tray.

-Push the locking tab toward the back of unit so the cooling chamber tab locks into place in the base of the unit.

Here you are finished with your cleaning processes!

Now you can  use or store your humidifier.If you are going to store in the almirah make sure that all the body parts or  components are totally dried up.If you are planning to use your humidifier fill the tank with cool water and replace on the base .Plug in the unit with dry hands and start using it confident.

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