How to fix Netflix error code ui-8000-3

How to fix Netflix error code ui-8000-3

In our busy schedule, we are very much dependent on different types of online streaming sites for our entertainment. Among the streaming services available in our hand, Netflix is very much famous for its vast content. But sometimes, Netflix crashes for many reasons, and error code ui-8000-3 is one of them. This error is associated with many streaming devices. To troubleshoot this error, you may do many things like, delete and reinstall the Netflix app, clean the cache data of the Netflix app and shut down and restart your devices.

Causes for error code ui-8000-3 in Netflix

Now you might ask why this error happened with your Netflix. This error code ui-8000-3 happened mostly for your Netflix app. Cached data stored in your streaming devices is corrupted for many reasons.

Generally, by cleaning your Netflix app cached data, you may resolve this error code ui-800-3.

Moreover, there are other issues you may check if the problem is not solved yet after cleaning the cached data.

How you fix your Netflix error code ui-800-3

To solve Netflix error code ui-800-3, you can follow some steps, which are described below till your Netflix is working correctly.

Let’s check them-


Restart the streaming devices

In some cases, you won’t believe it, taking some simple steps will fix your Netflix error code ui-800-3. the simple thing you have to do is –

  •  Shutting down your devices,
  •  Unplugging all of them
  •  Leave it unplugged for a while or 1 minute in max

If your devices are in sleep mode,

  •  Ensure your devices are shut-down properly

Sign out and re-sign in your Netflix account

In some cases, cleaning the error code ui-800-3 and refreshing your data, sign out and then re-sign in your devices is enough.

If facing any trouble with signing out of Netflix on your device, you can do it from the Netflix website.

To do so –

  • Go to the Netflix account page
  • Select sign out all devices

By taking this step, you will sign out all your devices are connected to your Netflix account. It needs to sign in again from every device separately.


Clean the Netflix app cached data

Streaming apps store cached data in your devices to give you the best experience. Sometimes you may clean them all to fix the error without uninstalling the Netflix app.

Uninstall and reinstall Netflix app

Sometimes, there is no option to delete locally stored cached data from the apps on your devices. In this case, you have only one way, uninstall and reinstall the app to resolve the Netflix error.

Moreover, this step comes in handy when cleaning the app data doesn’t solve your problem.

Reset your device

When you reset your streaming devices, it restores the Netflix app in a state when you first downloaded the app.

In some cases, the device you want to reset will remove the apps from devices along with the Netflix app.

If you want to use those again, you need to download and install them. Ensure all apps are downloaded and installed when you want to try them.

Restarting home network

Restarting your home network on a regular interval is a good thing. It allows you to make your network free from many unexpected issues and keep you free from many errors with Netflix. To do so.

  •  Unplug or power off your all streaming devices 

After then,

  •  Unplug your modem and router.

After then,

  • Plug and power them all again


Netflix help center

Netflix has its own official site to give you all detailed information on every issue with also provides you the troubleshooting method. You can fix all the issues with the help of them on your own.

When you face any inconveniences with Netflix, visit the Netflix official site if you want to.


How you prevent your devices from experience any Netflix error

There are many reasons which are behind any error with can be from three sides-

  • From Netflix sides
  • From your sides
  • From your network provider sides

Let’s talk about them,

If it from your sides

  • Maintain your all devices and network settings in a way, which it should be
  • Troubleshoot if you face any problem

From Netflix sides

If any error occurred from their side, then,

  • Wait until the issue is solved. You may got notice from Netflix when they fix the issue
  • If the error has not been solved on your side after the Netflix announcement, contact the support center of Netflix.

From your network provider sides

Sometimes your network provider does upgrades or scheduled maintenance in your network. As a result, you may face errors with Netflix.

  • Contact with your network provider for actual information
  •  and wait till the issues to be solved
  •  If the problem is still on your side, contact with them and solve the issue

Wrapping up

In our busy lives, we are very much dependent on streaming sites. And because of its vast resources most of us prefer to use Netflix as their streaming experiencing any error with Netflix is not acceptable to us. But sometimes it occurs and we need to solve it anyway.

Like other errors Netflix error code ui-800-3 is one of this write up, we have tried our best to cover up every possible way to solve the error, hope it will help you.

If you have any words to put in just strike the comment box, and let us know it. We will come to you with the best possible way to deal with it as soon as possible! 

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