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Was VS Were | Difference between Was and Were with examples

In English Grammar Tense is an effective part and ‘was and were’ is the verb of Tense. We will explain here how to use was or were in a sentence therefore, stay and look here examples of the words ‘Was VS Were. There are some differences between was and were.

Were and was in the past tenses of the verb. After reading the post I think you won’t have any trouble with the topics. You have to know properly basic tense structures and examples without knowing tense we can’t make quality sentences.

What the definition is of was and were with rules?

Definition of was: It is used as the first person singular and 3rd-person singular number past form of the past tense. Actually, was we used in a sentence with “I, He, She and It”.

For example, He was winning the fight against Anderson. She was going to College. I was going home two months ago.

Definition of were: It is used as a second person singular and plural number and also the first and third-person plural. We used ‘were with “you, your, yours, we, and they”.

For example, we were doing the work clearly. They were not reading the story. Were you doing the task yesterday? Also read: A vs An

Difference between Has and Have

Difference between Has been and Have been

What is the difference between was and were?

You will get in the post full details about the difference between was and were with examples.  Here, everyone can get also for doing exercise and definition of ‘was and were’ so, stay with us. Read Related post Difference between Countable and Uncountable Nouns Difference between Shall and Will

Difference between was and were
Difference between was and were

Difference between was and were with comparison Chart

There are some differences between was and were with meaning, nouns, pronouns, examples and also has given below by a chart of Was and Were rules

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Examples of ‘was vs were


  • He was forgiving all everything.
  • John was compiling this Ebook some days ago.
  • Last day, I was watching the dram until morning.
  • Was he going to University yesterday?
  • It was a very memorable day for us.


  • If I were fat, I could dunk a fighter.
  • Were you going to the office?
  • You were writing something about Marketing.
  • We were speaking English Practice something.
  • They were going to the park for traveling.

These both verbs we use generally Past simple Tense, Past Continuous Tense Past Continuous Structure:  Subject+was/were+main verb+ing+Object

Contractions form of was and were

Negative Contractions

  • Was not – wasn’t
  • Were not – weren’t

Finally, we can say, was is the first person singular and third-person singular and were are the second person singular and third-person plural and first and third-person plural number in the past tense.

Exercise part

  1. If you ………. a child.
  2. He ……. Going to Australia for his business.
  3. ……… you doing anything.
  4. We ……. Speaking English truly.
  5. …… he writing a letter.
  6. He ….. forgetting me.
  7. It …… being writing.
  8. Somebody …… doing anything yesterday.
  9. She …… highly encouraged in it because of his trying to speak.
  10. It ….. the house off the main road.

Answer: 1. Were 2. Was 3. Were 4. Were 5. Was 6. Was 7. Was 8. Was 9. Was 10. Was.

Overall, I think this post will be helpful for knowing details about the Was vs Were.

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