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Visit to A Historical Place

Short Paragraph on the Visit to A Historical Place

Visit to a historical place is very exciting and enjoyable to all. A place which is significant with history is called a historical place. So visit to a historical place gives us not only pleasure but also enriches our mind with knowledge. Last year I visited a historical place. It is Khulna, Bagherhat. It was founded by Khan Zahan Ali. I went there with my parents. First I saw the mazar of Khan Zahan Ali. Outside of the mazar there arfe also some tombs of the close assassinators of Khan Zahan Ali.  We saw Ghora Deghi. It is said that Khan Zahan Ali rode on the horse and the horse ran covering is a place of time and the distance was taken for digging the deghi. So, it is Called Ghora Deghi. We also saw a pond which water is sweet. We saw some Crocodiles in a pull. When the Fakirs dive them some foods. They came near. Finally we visited the Shatgambuj Mosque. It is his best Creation. The mosque has 77 domes and 25 doors. It is beautifully decorated with terracotta flowers. It is the symbol of Mughal architecture. The mosque declared as the world heritage site. Khan Zahan Ali used the mosque not only as prayer hall but also as the court. Visiting the place I have gathered a lot of experience and learned about the real history of Khulna Bagherhat city.

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