Types of Noun

Types of Noun With Examples And Definition

The noun is an important part of English Grammar. Basically, there are different types of Noun that we used to animals, people, things, places, and some ideas.

We use nouns every sentence in English for that it’s an important part of English. Now, you will get here the classification of Noun with examples, definition and also details.

What is a Noun?

All those words we understand animals, places, substance, object, some ideas, things, quality or others is called Noun.

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Types of Noun with examples

There is a total of 8 types of nouns but, Every noun comes with its own system of rules, so, read details about the noun for getting a full idea.

Classification of Noun

Firstly, there are two types of Noun

  • Concrete Noun
  • Abstract Noun
Examples of Noun
Examples of Noun

Concrete Noun

Which noun that has the physical or external state of the noun and that can be realized by the senses that is called concrete noun. For examples

Boy, girl, hen, book, flower, etc.

Abstract Noun

Which noun that has any virtue of person or object, condition or the name of work that is called Abstract noun. The abstract noun doesn’t see my eyes. It is realized with the help of feelings.

For examples Kindness, Illness, Goodness, Happiness, freedom, truth, love, boyhood, misery, reading, sleeping, health, leadership, etc.

There are 4 types of Concrete Noun. Now see details about the concrete noun.

  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Material Noun

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Proper Noun

Which noun that has understood in a certain name of person, place, the object that is called Proper noun.

Proper Noun examples:

New York is the capital city of England. Jones is a good boy. In fact, in a proper noun’s first character is the capital letter.

Common Noun

Which noun that has every general name of the place or objects it is called Common Noun.

There are some examples of common Noun are

Jones is a great poet.

The rose is a beautiful flower.

Steve is a good Engineer.

David Copperfield is a great novel.

Poet is a general name of all poets (Man/Women), The doctor is the general name of all doctors. The flower is a general name of all flowers.

Collective Noun

Collective Noun is a noun that is named for a number of people or things. Words like group and array are called collective Noun.

For examples

He joined the army.

Our team has won the match.

A flock of sheep is grazing of the field.

Also, some collective nouns are Sheep, Keys, Flock, Bunch, Gang, etc.

Material Noun

Material Noun is a noun that defines the whole body of a substance but, there is no definition that the substance to any objects, that’s only can measure, which is called Material Noun.

For examples

Gold is a precious metal

Iron is a useful metal

Man can’t live without water.

Wood is a useful product of our life.

Countable Noun

We can calculate the proper Noun, Common Noun, and Collective Noun so, these three types Noun is called Countable Noun.

In Brief, the noun that can be counted or calculate is called Countable Noun.

Properties of Countable

Singular Countable Plural Countable
A Book three books
A Pen four pens
A Bag five bags

Uncountable Noun

The noun that can’t be counted or calculate that is called Uncountable Noun. Here, Material Noun and Abstract Noun is Uncountable Noun.

For example Bread, Laughter, Poetry, Clothing, etc.

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