Top sports high schools in United States of America

Top sports high schools in United States of America

The students of the United States of America experience sports nearly in every school. Some of them like to play sports for enjoyment. On the other hand, some want to take up sports in professional life . So to become a sportsman from an early age the sports enthusiasm person requires training to become the professional one. So some of the top sports high schools in United States of America are as follow:

Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana ,California 

If you go through the list of titles earned by Mater Dei High School surely you will rank it as the top sports school. The school was established in 1950. The school has won 110 CIF trophies, 9 national trophies and 351 leagues till now. But most impressive is that  8 students from this school have taken part in the Olympics in order to represent the United States of America. The football team trained many champions in both national and international levels.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School , Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After watching the game on an NFL field you will wonder about the school of the players. Well definitely most of the people will guess St. Thomas Aquinas High School as their training school. It was established in 1936. Till the establishment the sport school has gained 110 States champion trophies. Moreover the school has many former graduates who are playing in the NFL league. But the most attractive part is that the school has won Sun-Sentinels all- sports trophy in a row for 35 years. On the other hand, the athletic department has won the Sunshine Cup of State title every year since the beginning of the first tournament.

Saint Ignatius High School , Cleveland, Ohio

Going through the winning list gradually it will be seen that the soccer team has not only earned the champion title nine times but also named as the national soccer champion. The Saint Ignatius High School  was opened in 1988. Till then the sport became  44 times state champion and won 8 national titles.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School ,Wichita, Kansas

The name of the Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is found in the list of champions since 1970. As because the school usually wins about every year. Both the parents and students claim that this sports school is really good in athletics. Moreover it is also a competitive school too. The school has won 4 State champion trophies as well as 14 league champion trophies.

Cathedral Catholic High School ,San Diego, California

The Cathedral Catholic High School has earned a name and frame all over California as well as at the national level. The school has 80 teams across 40 teams. Further  the school have taken home  161 titles as champion team as well as 46 individual titles.  Many graduates from these schools are playing baseball, football and water polo both at national and professional  level.  

Boston College High School , Boston, Massachusetts 

The parents who have interest to invest their children in athletics at Boston College High School can be considered as the best one. The students of this school get the facility to be part of Sports Illustrated. This sports school is the top ranked athletic school in New England. Above 90 percent of the students are athletes. 


Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury, Connecticut 

The Glastonbury High School ranks as one of the top athletic schools in Connecticut. The school has taken home a state champion title several times. Further the sports school has won 64 state champion titles from over 20 different sports teams. Moreover the school offers around 34 sports teams for their students to choose. Around 90 percent of parents and teachers claim the school is dedicated for sports with the best facilities. 

Hereford High School ,Parkton, Maryland 

Hereford High School is quite  athletic. The school has 50 Trophies in athletics that is one of the highest trophy earning than any other school in this state. A former graduate from this school has taken part in an Olympics event. On the other hand some of the graduates are working as coaches in lacrosse and football. The school has total 18 sports team and it prefers to maintain the quality than the quantity 

Canyon del Oro,Oro Valley, Arizona 

The public sport school Canyon del Oro was established in 1964. This state is  quite hot and dry in summer but in fall it is the best one for sports. The school is well known for their football team. On the other hand there are many talented athletes that include baseball as well as softball and others. The football team has taken home 8 state champion trophies and the softball team has taken 9 champion trophies.

Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts

The Cushing School is well known for the well versed academic and the impressive athletics programs. The school has won 22 champion trophies during the regular season. The school includes football, baseball as well as skiing and lacrosse. Some former graduates from this school become professional hockey players. Moreover, the long  ice hockey program has numerous professionals and some of them are representing the Olympic games .

After going through the discussion it will be easier to choose the sports school as per desire. There are many sports high schools across the United States of America. The list of the schools has been chosen on the basis of the opinion of parents ,students and teachers.

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