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Explain The 8 Process of Communication With Definition, And Diagram

The communication process consists of four vital components: encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback. Additionally, there are two other factors present which take the form of the sender and receiver.

Communication is an effective part of the world. Basically, the process of communication is an effective part that’s very important for us. It is a part of sharing and creating different ideas, views, feelings, information etc. among the people to build up a good relationship.

A person can be good qualified and has a good skilled but, if he doesn’t possess effective communication skills, so, he won’t go multinational work and his work can be irrelevant of process.   

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What is Communication Process?

Definition: Communication is a system that we face or doing daily life by the business, contact with others, in any official work etc. Normally, it is the act of transferring any information from one place, group or person to another. We communicate by that process it’s called Communication process. It is the key of developing any function, management or any event.

8 stages of communication process

There are 8 types of Communication process. The process of communication refers to the show of information or message from the sender done a selected channel to the receiver overpowering barriers that affect its pace. Now, see the 8 stages of communication process.

  1. Sender
  2. Message
  3. Encoding
  4. Channel
  5. Receiver
  6. Decoding
  7. Feedback
  8. Noise

It is a continuous system which mainly includes three elements like sender, message, and receiver.

But, actually, it’s the 8 types to be completed in a communication process. Let’s see details about the processing.

Explain The Process of Communication

1. Sender

The communicator generates the message and imparts it to the accepted. Sender is the first source of process in communication.

2. Message

It is the information, view, topics, idea, feelings, sensitivity etc. that is produced by the sender and is then planned to be communicated more.

Besides, some topics are included in massage like Introduction, Meaning, and Importance of Directing

Fundamentals of Direction



3. Encoding

After generating massage by the sender is encoded Representative like as in the form of pictures, gestures, words etc. earlier it is being took.

4. Media or Channel

It is the middle part of the communication process. Basically, the message may be conveyed in writing. For communicating includes some important media like internet, telephone, e-mail, post, fax etc.

5. Receiver

It is the opposite party of communicating. After, sending writing massage then it’s encoding by the multiplexer via channel then come to receiver. Then, the receiver receives the message and it in proper outlook and acts giving to the message. Basically, the purpose of communication will be success when receive massage by the receiver.

  1. Decoding

Decoding is the process of adapting the symbols encoded by the sender.

  1. Feedback

When the receiver confirms to the sender massage that he has received and understood it carefully, actually, the communication process is completely done.

8. Noise

Noise is any type of disruption that interferes with the interpretation of information from the massage sender. We can say it’s example bad telephone connection, faulty encoding, inattentive receiver, poor understanding of message, internet connection loading, due to prejudice etc.

Block diagram of Communication process

Communication process diagram
Communication process diagram


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Importance of Communication process

  • Confident Working

Before working a manager or CEO of an office when talk to others must have to work confidently. This coordination is not possible without actual communication.

  • Co-ordinate with others

The manager explains to the employees the goals, modes of their success and the social relationships among them. Basically, it’s provides coordination between many employees and also sections.

  • Social communication

Everyone can communicate with others generally if they can do good communication. In generally we can communicate with others in the whole world via social sites like facebook, skype, imo and also.

  • Increases Managerial Ability

The managing director conveys the targets and assigns jobs to the assistants. All of these features involve communication. So, communication is important for the quick performance of the managers of the faculties or company.

Besides, there are more importance of Communication. In fact, without communication we can’t ran any day in the world. We have to know process of communication for increasing our business and official management. Comments bellow if you have any query.

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