Will the 49ers actually keep Jimmy Garoppolo through Week

Since Kyle Shanahan arrived as coach and John Lynch was hired as G

As Lynch said Thursday night during the Amazon pregame show, “If someone wants to come and offer

But no one has made an offer, of either a whole lot or a little bit

Anyone who trades for Garoppolo has to satisfy the 49ers with draft pick(s) or player(s) —

Garoppolo is going along with that approach, because that specific outcome becomes the best path for him

That’s when Shanahan and Lynch must decide whether to release a player they otherwise would keep,

2 million base salary and adding in a check for the 17th game

42 million per week as of Week One, they’ll retain the ability to trade him if/when

After the trade deadline, the 49ers could agree to release Garoppolo if he agrees to reduce his

Or the 49ers and Garoppolo could keep waiting, one week at a time, until an injury happens

At that point, Garoppolo could agree to waive all of his remaining termination pay in order to

There’s also a chance that Garoppolo won’t care about securing his freedom after the trade

Garoppolo could be content to rest on his most recent performances from 2021, make $25

This leads back to the question contained in the headline to this item

Will the 49ers keep Garoppolo through Week One? Will they assume a $25

62 million obligation simply to retain the ability to trade him?

It would be a very expensive insurance policy, but if Lance either gets injured or clearly isn’