What improvements did Stefan Edberg bring to Roger Federer

Awaiting him was Stefan Edberg, his coach for two years who helped turn around a turbulent phase

Edberg would lean forward to say something, when suddenly Federer handed the Wimbledon trophy to him

Federer had called Edberg in 2013, his darkest year on courts

A back injury had shoved him off the pedestal and he was plotting his comeback, dabbling with

What was Edberg’s thoughts about Federer’s game at that stage?

Maybe he was thinking about how to develop his game,” Edberg would say later

The racket change that Federer made in 2013 was also a decisive factor

Roger had finally moved out of the older Wilson Pro Staff that year

Edberg would fly out to Dubai to spend a week and connect with Federer

“There were so many things going on with my game that time, I got cold feet and

Stefan was the first one to tell me – when somebody Stefan says its’ a good switch, it’

“The confidence to switch rackets was very important that time

“I do believe you need power in backhand, volley and serve and other tactical things

Yes, as it dovetailed nicely with Edberg’s assessment that Federer needed to be more offensive

“To help play more offensive and taking the ball a little earlier which does make a difference,”

“I think the last little thing that was crucial which made him win the last few Slams

So did the freaky SABR come from Edberg, where Roger would suddenly rush forward on return of

On return of serve, Roger Federer would almost run into the court and get close to the

It’s ballsy, impish, foolhardy, brave, and a thrilling move

In 2015, Federer had arrived at Cincinnati, tired from Switzerland

Federer had begun to play around with the new toy in the sessions to come and suddenly

“I was semi-shocked! I have never done anything like that, maybe a semi-SABR

It’s so difficult, most people won’t be able to do it even if you practice

In Federer’s words, “It looks ridiculous, you can throw away the point but it leaves an

In 1996, Edberg had announced ahead of the tennis season that he was going to retire and it

The closest was a final at the Queens Club Championships, where he lost to Boris Becker

Days later, he would bow out after a second-round loss to a fellow Swede Tillstrom at Wimbledon

“I wasn’t crying or anything like that,” he said after Tillstrom left him alone on the

Decades later, Edberg would advise Roger Federer to announce his retirement more carefully

It’s just very tough to handle but at the same time, it was a memorable year

What does Federer say about Edberg’s contribution to his game?

“It really unfused me with some new energy, 13 was a tough year