Scott Patterson Recalls Filming ‘Disturbing’ ‘Gilmore Girls’ Scene

Gilmore Girls actor Scott Patterson recently opened up about a rather uncomfortable scene he took part in

I realized it wasn't okay, and it didn't make me feel comfortable at all

It made me feel really embarrassed, actually," Patterson said, per HuffPost

He felt as though he was "treated like an object," describing it as "infuriating," "disturbing," and "disgusting,"

The fact that he never shared the way the script made him feel with the show's creator

He also felt torn between not wanting to "make waves" at a job that he otherwise loved

"What are Academy members gonna say when they see this scene?" he'd wonder

There's a commonality of women feeling pressured to allow themselves to be sexualized for the sake of

He also said that the fact that it happened in the early 2000s, before people typically spoke

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