John Lynch was ‘at a loss’ that Jimmy Garoppolo

While John Lynch is happy to have Jimmy Garoppolo back on the roster for the 2022 NFL season,

Lynch revealed Thursday that one of the topics of conversation while in Indianapolis prior to the 2022 NFL

“That’s always an interesting question because it’s not like someone emails you, ‘Here’s our

What I can tell you, with great confidence, is Combine time there were really serious talks with

“We talked a lot the other day as to why we arrived at where we’re at,”

“This doesn’t change anything,” Shanahan said via conference call on Tuesday

“I just feel it makes us a much better team and doesn’t hurt our cap, like

While Lynch is please that it all worked out in the end, he was flummoxed how trade

“You can talk to his doctor, you can talk to our doctor, you can talk to a