If you don’t like Kevin Burkhardt

“[T]here’s always somebody who’s going to be sour no matter what I do,” Burkhardt

“I think everybody’s angry about everything,” Burkhardt said

“Joe Buck is one of the greatest to ever do it, so I never understood the hate

I know there are people that don’t like my style, maybe don’t like the way

In today’s world, anyone and everyone can grab a social-media megaphone

And it would have been great to hear how he would have handled it

“Look, everyone wants to be loved, right?” Burkhardt said

“That’s the goal, but at the same time if people on Twitter are going to criticize

Not many of the trolls even try to claim they could do it better

They want someone else doing it, so they can complain about the next one

In today’s online world, only those who have little or no relevance have little or no