Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum on Why ‘A Lot

It is what it is,” Howie told reporters in a press conference after the show

Last week, Celia Muñoz, also a ventriloquist, made it to the top 3 before being eliminated, and

We actually had a winner do something like that where the puppet was a face mask

[Jack’s] voices were not as intelligibly different from the puppets to him, so that was in

“When you get knocked down, how do you stand up under pressure? How do you perform in

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Heidi tended to be more diplomatic, saying at this point in the show, it really doesn’t

“I try to say what I don’t like without being harsh on people,” the Making the

So, it depends on what kind of passion you have and then you see someone who you

Everyone on the panel doesn’t agree, so she may be the voice for some people at

“It is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs,” she added

It doesn’t really matter what we say because it’s about the voting

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