‘Here come Miss Ann’: Black people know the likes

Tennis fans had yet to shed their party clothes from the Serena Williams farewell fest when Margaret

If you’ve never heard of Miss Ann, you’re probably not an African American, especially not

Miss Ann is not a Karen, the white woman who calls the cops on black folks for

Miss Ann is a phrase African Americans use for someone, usually a white woman, who strolls through

African Americans grow up hearing mama, grandma or an auntie talk about Miss Ann

Miss Ann ain’t got nothing nice to say, even when she’s being nice

So when Court said she’s always admired Serena but followed that with a laundry list of

There are legitimate arguments about the greatest tennis player of all time

Court could make a case for herself as the greatest without taking shots at Serena – there’s

Brown mentions the 2009 US Open when Serena threatened a line judge and the 2011 US Open when Serena

So, yes, it would be better if Serena broke her record, but if she doesn’t, she

It’s seems clear what is behind Court’s criticism of Serena

“I was at Wimbledon this year and nobody even spoke to me,” Court told Brown

Other than that, Miss Ann ain’t got nothing against anybody

Well, Miss Ann, nobody has an issue with you being a Christian

“First, I’d like to thank God,” is the preamble to many victory speeches, and Serena has

Court is firm in her beliefs but is bothered that nobody talked to her at Wimbledon and

That’s why when most people read Court’s remarks, they were more annoyed than upset