Frances Tiafoe beats Rafael Nadal to reach the U.

NEW YORK — Frances Tiafoe metabolizes a crowd’s energy the way other players rely on protein bars

He has the talent and charisma to stir a crowd into a frenzy, the athleticism and shot-making

Open can feel more like wrestling matches than tennis matches

But Monday, with a smart, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 win over Rafael Nadal, he displayed a tactician’

When he clinched it by forcing a backhand error from Nadal, he chucked his racket toward his

Even shaking his hand, I don’t even know what I said to him

Men’s tennis now has what is perhaps the most wide-open Grand Slam draw since Roger Federer’

Should 33-year-old Marin Cilic defeat 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz on Monday night, he will be the only quarterfinalist

He was the first man to beat Nadal at a major this year, with the Spaniard having

Open the last time he contested it in 2019, arrived at Flushing Meadows having played two matches in

He had been practicing with a high level of intensity ahead of the tournament but couldn’t

He had nine double faults to nine aces, while Tiafoe crushed 18 aces to four double faults

Tiafoe is among the fastest players on tour and has dedicated much of his time since the

But opponents need to possess more than Olympic fitness to beat Nadal

They must mentally outlast the most unrelenting competitor in tennis

They must be brave enough to make Nadal pay when he is performing below average

“I was not able to hold a high level of tennis for a long time, I was

He won the set with two shots down the line to give himself double set point, then

“The biggest thing with things like that is the time I played him before, I got broken

“I was like, if I can just hold serve, 1-all, 2-all, 3-all

But in the next game, Nadal served two double faults and Tiafoe didn’t let the chance

Am I ever going to be able to say I beat one of them? Today I was

“Now it’s something to tell the kids, the grandkids, ‘Yeah, I beat Rafa

The victory made Tiafoe the second American on Monday to reach a U

Pegula, whose parents own the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, offered little of

Plagued by injuries early in her career, Pegula broke through relatively late in life by winning her

In singles, she has reached the quarterfinals in three majors this year to pad a 23-7 record

Pegula will face her steepest challenge yet when she plays world No