Emma Watson Revives Pixie Cut in New Prada Video

Emma Watson appears to be bringing back her iconic pixie cut in a new campaign photo for

Her face makeup was kept simple, showing off her freckles, but her eyes were lined with a

"Why should I be framed ?," the caption on the sultry video reads

An empowered celebration of what it means to be a living paradox

The new fragrance, the name of which has yet to be announced, is expected to launch August 21

Watson also shared the news on her own Instagram, writing, "When Prada asked me to be the

 Months later, and I'm able to share the results of the faith they shared in me, with

I can't wait to share this piece of my art, and hope that you enjoy it as

In a brief glimpse of the video, Watson appears to still have her long hair, sparking questions

She said she'd keep it that way all the time if she weren't an actress

For now, we'll have to sit tight to find out more details about the upcoming fragrance and

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