Amazon’s Thursday Night Football begins new era of

To the joy and frustration of football fans across the United States, the era of National Football

15, when the Los Angeles Chargers play the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 of the NFL season

Local broadcast stations for the teams playing in a given week will also air the games

Amazon signed a deal with Nielsen this week to measure the telecasts, a sign of confidence that

People who want to watch the games will need to sign up for an Amazon Prime account,

To push viewers toward its NFL broadcast, which cost Amazon $1 billion per year, live games will automatically

The games will also be featured prominently on Prime Video's home screen to alert subscribers they're taking

Viewers will be given the choice to watch, record or start from the beginning of the broadcast

On most platforms (it's still working on a deal with Roku), it will offer "X-Ray stats," which

Amazon will also have a customer package of highlights via X-Ray that update through the game for

For Fire TV users, viewers will be able to speak commands such as "show me stats" or "

For example, Amazon is preparing for feedback from frustrated viewers whose internet speeds may not be able

For its play-by-play, Amazon is tapping broadcasting legend Al Michaels, who departed NBC's "Sunday Night Football," along