50 Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts 2022

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…well your one-year wedding anniversary of course!

It is the first milestone together and means that you two are killing it as a couple

You’re picking paint for the walls, cooking dinner together, building a foundation for the rest of

Before you begin the hunt for the perfect first wedding anniversary gift, let’s break down exactly

It is meant to symbolize a blank page on which you are writing a new storyline or

This is meant to symbolize eternal love and the time together that you two are looking forward

Of course, at the end of the day, you can give whatever wedding anniversary gift you want

It doesn’t have to fall within the traditional or modern take, so long as it brings

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Lean into tradition by giving your spouse a paper gift like this silk moire-bound anniversary journal for

Each year you two can write in memories, favorites, and other notes to keep track of details

One day you will look back on everything you have built together in this book!

Personalize it with a special message and your wedding date to act as a keepsake forever

Ring in your one-year anniversary with a special couples massage so you can both relax and unwind

If you framed and hung up every memory together, your walls would be packed to the brim

Save space with this smart photo frame that can display as many photos as you want from

This wall art is a subtle way to commemorate your wedding night within your home decor

Your partner will be forever-ready for spontaneous weekend getaways with these matching weekender bags from Leatherology

Add a personal touch by monogramming them so you avoid any accidental mix-ups

While not the most romantic gift in the book, a smart toilet is a long-term investment that

It’s an anniversary gift that comes in the form of a bathroom upgrade

Buy a bottle of their favorite varietal of wine from the year you were married and open

You’ll obviously need something to drink that bottle of wine with like, say, these customizable wine

Add a personal message to the base of the wine glass for a subtle and sweet touch

Calling all puzzle-loving couples! Commemorate the day you said “I do” with this unique puzzle from Uncommon

The only headline it’s missing is a congratulation to the new couple

If food is your partner’s love language, look no further for the perfect gift

You can book a private, at-home chef with Cozymeal to celebrate your first anniversary

An anniversary gift that is for you just as much as it is for your partner

It’s like you’re solving problems before they even really begin!

This turntable from Crosley is ideal for the music-loving, old-soul kind of partner

It is sleek enough to fit in with your home decor and provides high-quality audio

We won’t sway you either way, but we do encourage adopting your new addition from either

This one from Smith & Hanks can hold 32 standard bottles, has two temperature zones, and can be

This NEBULA projector will take your partner’s hosting abilities to the next level

The outdoor projector is wireless and can connect to thousands of apps like Hulu to stream your

Not the planner in the relationship but still want to give your S

This Brooklinen robe is perfect for the partner that likes cozy nights in or lazy mornings

The waffle wrap is lightweight, fast drying, and overall comfortable for everyday wear

Bonus: Surprise your partner with a foot massage to complete their relaxation experience

Every time your partner burns the candle, they will think of that special day and just how

Surprise your partner with a photoshoot at your engagement spot to mark your first milestone together

We love the idea of going back each year at the same time to see how you

Sure the court documents make your marriage official, but couples' stationery makes it official-official

This pizza oven from Ooni is ideal for any partner that loves to host gatherings

The gas-fueled oven can cook a 12” pizza in 60 seconds flat and hits 950°F (500°C) in 15 minutes

Love adventuring together? Bring the beats wherever you go with this portable speaker from Anker

Your partner is sure to appreciate the excellent sound quality that can be carried anywhere, so long

This intimacy oil from Foria is an all-natural topical oil that works with a female partner's body

Don’t be surprised if they start requesting your chef expertise at home soon after

It’s important for both you and your spouse to keep your jewels clean

It is a hand-held sonic cleaning brush and cleanser that hits all of the hard-to-reach spots

While it may feel like you know every detail about your partner, this card game pushes you

This is a wonderful one-year gift idea to continue to grow in your relationship

This TV is perfect for any spouse that is also secretly an aspiring interior designer

The Frame TV from Samsung easily disguises the living room’s most essential, but least aesthetic item

Game, set, match…made in heaven! There’s nothing like bonding over learning a new activity together

Bonus: throw in a beginner's lesson so you can start on the same page

Warm their heart and their coffee with a handmade personalized mug with your initials and wedding year

It will serve as a sweet reminder of your love whenever they need a caffeine boost

This electric composter from Lomi is sleek, quiet, and odor-free

Delight your loved one with some new, saucy bedtime attire for your first anniversary

An excellent gift regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or your spouse

Give your loved one an Apple Watch for your one-year anniversary so you two can always easily

It’s a perfect memento from your Wedding Day that can be kept in your family forever

We love this steen set from Ettitude that is silky soft, breathable, and made from 100% bamboo lyocell

Plan a romantic picnic date for your first-anniversary gift using this basket set from Mark and Graham

Not only will your partner love your sweet plans, but they will also be able to use

Giving a nod to your wedding night, it can be customized to add in your names, the

They can keep it by their bedside for safekeeping and add any other jewels that they want

The canister can be used as a keepsake itself inscribed with the sweet message “A reminder of

Add to your partner’s ring finger stack with a dainty diamond band to complement their wedding

Add a personal touch by embroidering your last name on the inside of the trunk

But not just any flowers, have a local florist recreate the bouquet from your wedding

The attention to detail will be sure to bring tears to your partner's eyes

Who doesn’t love a high-quality jewelry piece that can act as a milestone keepsake? This modern

Change up your partner’s go-to fragrance with an irresistible scent that you will both love

This is an ideal gift for any spouse that takes their whiskey drinking seriously

The set includes a customizable glass and two whiskey stones

You can engrave their name and your wedding date onto the box and glass for a personalized

They have several customizable watches that can be engraved on the bottom of the watch's face with

You can also engrave it with your wedding date or a portion of your vows to tie