Spanish Numbers 1-100 | Learn Spanish Numbers With English Pronunciation

The Spanish numbers are easy to learn. Spanish Numbers from one to hundred are arranged here with English pronunciation. So it will help you to acquire the Spanish language easily.

The history of the number system is so antique. Indo-Arabic based decimal system are followed in Spanish numbers. Egyptians utilized hieroglyphs symbols to represent numbers and the Babylonians utilized cuneiform composition as saw in the Code of Hammurabi (Babylonian law code).

Spanish Numbers 1-100 | Learn Spanish Numbers With English Pronunciation 3

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Some Facts or History of Spanish Language

About 360 million people use Spanish language (Español in Spanish) as a first language. Mexico has the highest number of Spanish language people.

Mexican 85 MILLION+,

Colombian 40 million+,

Argentinian or Argentinean 35 million+,

American 31 million+ and more than 30 million people from Spain use Spanish language.

All South American republics except French Guyana, Brazil use Spanish as Spanish Language; the six republics of Central America and Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

The historical backdrop of the Spanish language in Spain and the cause of the lingos of Spain start with the etymological development of Vulgar Latin. The historical backdrop of the Spanish language in America begins with the colonization of America toward the finish of the fifteenth century. Now, the Spanish language was at that point immovably merged in the Iberian Peninsula.

Moreover, the Spanish language is spoken in the Balearic and Canary islands, in parts of Morocco and the west shore of Africa, and furthermore in Equatorial Guinea. In the United States, it is broadly spoken in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, New York City and southern Florida.

Spanish Numbers 1-100
Learn Spanish Numbers 1-100

Numbers in Spanish 1-100 at a Glance

Number Spanish Pronunciation
       0 cero say-ro
1 uno oo-no
2 dos dose
3 tres trace
4 cuatro kwat-ro
5 cinco sink-o
6 seis saze
7 siete see-yet-eh
8 ocho och-o
9 nueve new-eh-veh
10 diez dee-ace
11 once ohn-say
12 doce dos-say
13 trece treh-seh
14 catorce ca-TOR-say
15 quince KEEN-say
16 dieciséis dee-AY-see-saze
17 diecisiete dee-AY-see-see-AY-tay
18 dieciocho dee-AY-see-och-o
19 diecinueve dee-AY-see-new-EH-veh
20 veinte Veh-een-tee
21 veintiuno Veh-een-tee-oo-no
22 veintidós Veh-een-tee-DOS
23 veintitrés Veh-een-tee-TRACE
24 veinticuatro Veh-een-tee-KWAT-ro
25 veinticinco Veh-een-tee-SINK-o
26 veintiséis Veh-een-tee-saze
27 veintisiete Veh-een-tee-see-ay-tay
28 veintiocho Veh-een-tee-OCH-o
29 veintinueve Veh-een-tee-new-EH-veh
30 treinta treh-een-tah
31 treinta y uno treh-een-tah ee oo-no
32 treinta y dos treh-een-tah ee DOS
33 treinta y tres treh-een-tah ee tres
34 treinta y cuatro treh-een-tah ee KWAT-ro
35 treinta y cinco treh-een-tah ee SINK-o
36 treinta y seis treh-een-tah ee saze
37 treinta y siete treh-een-tah ee see-ay-tay
38 treinta y ocho treh-een-tah ee OCH-o
39 treinta y nueve treh-een-tah ee new-EH-veh
40 cuarenta kwar-EN-tah
41 cuarenta y uno kwar-EN-tah ee oo-no
42 cuarenta y dos kwar-EN-tah ee DOS
43 cuarenta y tres kwar-EN-tah ee tres
44 cuarenta y cuatro kwar-EN-tah ee KWAT-ro
45 45 cuarenta y cinco kwar-EN-tah ee SINK-o
46 cuarenta y seis kwar-EN-tah ee saze
47 cuarenta y siete kwar-EN-tah ee see-ay-tay
48 cuarenta y ocho kwar-EN-tah ee OCH-o
49 cuarenta y nueve kwar-EN-tah ee new-EH-veh
50 cincuenta sink-KWEN-tah
51 cincuenta y uno sink-KWEN-tah ee oo-no
52 cincuenta y dos sink-KWEN-tah ee DOS
53 cincuenta y tres sink-KWEN-tah ee tres
54 cincuenta y cuatro sink-KWEN-tah ee KWAT-ro
55 cincuenta y cinco sink-KWEN-tah ee SINK-o
56 cincuenta y seis sink-KWEN-tah ee saze
57 cincuenta y siete sink-KWEN-tah ee see-ay-tay
58 cincuenta y ocho sink-KWEN-tah ee OCH-o
59 cincuenta y nueve sink-KWEN-tah ee new-EH-veh
60 sesenta seh-SEHN-tah
61 sesenta y uno seh-SEHN-tah ee oo-no
62 sesenta y dos seh-SEHN-tah ee DOS
63 sesenta y tres seh-SEHN-tah ee tres
64 sesenta y cuatro seh-SEHN-tah ee KWAT-ro
65 sesenta y cinco seh-SEHN-tah ee SINK-o
66 sesenta y seis seh-SEHN-tah ee saze
67 sesenta y siete seh-SEHN-tah ee see-ay-tay
68 sesenta y ocho seh-SEHN-tah ee OCH-o
69 sesenta y nueve seh-SEHN-tah ee new-EH-veh
70 setenta seh-TEHN-tah
71 setenta y uno seh-TEHN-tah ee oo-no
72 setenta y dos seh-TEHN-tah ee DOS
73 setenta y tres seh-TEHN-tah ee tres
74 setenta y cuatro seh-TEHN-tah ee KWAT-ro
75 setenta y cinco seh-TEHN-tah ee SINK-o
76 setenta y seis seh-TEHN-tah ee saze
77 setenta y siete seh-TEHN-tah ee see-ay-tay
78 setenta y ocho seh-TEHN-tah ee OCH-o
79 setenta y nueve seh-TEHN-tah ee new-EH-veh
80 ochenta och-EHN-tah
81 ochenta y uno och-EHN-tah ee oo-no
82 ochenta y dos och-EHN-tah ee DOS
83 ochenta y tres och-EHN-tah ee tres
84 ochenta y cuatro och-EHN-tah ee KWAT-ro
85 ochenta y cinco och-EHN-tah ee SINK-o
86 ochenta y seis och-EHN-tah ee saze
87 ochenta y siete och-EHN-tah ee see-ay-tay
88 ochenta y ocho och-EHN-tah ee OCH-o
89 ochenta y nueve och-EHN-tah ee new-EH-veh
90 noventa no-VEHN-tah
91 noventa y uno no-VEHN-tah ee oo-no
92 noventa y dos no-VEHN-tah ee DOS
93 noventa y tres no-VEHN-tah ee tres
94 noventa y cuatro no-VEHN-tah ee KWAT-ro
95 noventa y cinco no-VEHN-tah ee SINK-o
96 noventa y seis no-VEHN-tah ee saze
97 noventa y siete no-VEHN-tah ee see-ay-tay
98 noventa y ocho no-VEHN-tah ee OCH-o
99 noventa y nueve no-VEHN-tah ee new-EH-veh
100 cien see-EHN

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