Earthquake Paragraph

Short Paragraph on Earthquake For Class Six to Ten and Class Eleven

Short Paragraph on Earthquake


  1. What is Earthquake?
  2. Who suffer’s the Earthquake?
  3. Which country mostly occurs the Earthquake?
  4. How much ranges of earthquake?
  5. What are the causes of It and Effect’s of earthquake?

Earthquake is a natural disaster. The reason of earthquake is natural. No one is responsible for earthquake. Earthquake occurs naturally. Every people suffer from earthquake but the ill, women, child, old, paralyzed are mostly vulnerable. Earthquake is a threat for human being because in a second it can destroy building, cottage, many trees. It comes suddenly, therefore we can’t get any precautions about earthquake. When tectonic plates clash with other the earthquake occurs. There are many ranges of earthquake, little, medium, and long range. Earthquake can occur any place, mostly occurs in the hilly area. For example- Chattogram, Nepal, Bhutan, India. The result of earthquake is not good for a country and it cannot describe in a word. It can destroy a whole nation. In previous it destroyed many civilization. By taking proper step we can minimize the losses of earthquake.

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