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How to Get Scholarships in UK for International Students

There is hardly any student who doesn’t want to get a scholarship. Do you want a Scholarship to study in the UK? Most of you may don’t know how to get scholarships in the UK. As a foreign student, it is a dream for every student to get that precious chance.  Again the domestic students of UK also want the scholarship to carry on their study.

Study in abroad and research is not very easy for every student. So, a scholarship is very much needed for studying at a cheap cost. All you have to do is that you have to do some surfing on the internet and you will find a lot of chances are available to get a scholarship in UK.

UK Scholarships for International Students and Scopes

Scholarship in the UK for international students has a large number of opportunity. They can apply if the illegibility meets their educational qualifications. There are different categorized scholarships available in the UK.  Again some scholarships require funding. But, don’t worry about that because they will not cost you the whole fees.

UK scholarships for international students
UK scholarships for international students

Denys Holland Scholarship

This scholarship is for undergraduate students. The authority will give you around $12,500 for one year. Every year they recruit new students from the eligible country. So, you have to be from the illegible countries to apply for the scholarship. It will be a great chance for you to study in the UK under this scholarship.

Check the link for more information click official post 

Bristol University Scholarship

The University of Bristol will give you five prestigious scholarship for completing the undergraduate. They will give you around $12,000 per year to complete your undergraduate.

For applying – click here

Postgraduate scholarships in the UK

Generally, the UK educational council offers the students postgraduate scholarship rather than under graduation scholarship.  Most of the scholarships bear all the cost. So, you don’t have to be the worry. One more thing that you have to learn that is you have to eligibility to apply for the scholarship. Scholarship in the UK is not open for all. You have to be illegible for applying for the scholarships.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This is a scholarship for your full postgraduate degree. You can study here full-time and very much effective for your career. The scholarship will bear you all cost.

Chevening Scholarship

Maybe you haven’t heard of the name of ‘Chevening’ scholarship. This is a scholarship that is offered by the UK Government to all the international students and it’s open for all who will meet the eligibility for the scholarship. So, it can be a great chance for you to get the chance. The criteria for ‘Chevening’ scholarship state you that you have to apply for a three years course or master’s degree course.

They will bear your cost and plane returning ticket cost. It’s very prestigious for all students.
To apply for this scholarship check official site.

Rhodes scholarship

This is the oldest international scholarship from the very well known university. The name of the university is Oxford University. The scholarship is for the postgraduate students but this scholarship for the selected countries. If you are illegible for the scholarship then you can apply for this.

Westminster International Scholarship 

From the developing courtiers, the students can apply for the scholarship. If you are from a developing country then you will get the great chance of having this scholarship. It is a full-time scholarship for finishing your MBA degree. The authority will bear the tuition fee and accommodation fee along with the flight cost.


If you want to do some research work and develop your career it will be your great chance then. The scholarship is offered by British council scholarships for international students. They will provide fund and all cost.

Ph.D. Scholarship for International Students

Some students after completing the postgraduate they prefer to complete the Ph.D. degree by taking a scholarship. The British Council offers the students this opportunity for the Ph.D. degree.

UK-China Research Partnership

This is especially for Ph.D. obtaining students. Only Chinese students are able to apply for this scholarship. This is a collaboration program between China and the UK. It is a great chance for international students basically for Chinese students.

Medicine scholarships in the UK

For medical students, there are also scholarships available in the UK. In that case, medical students are not deprived of at all. Now, I will talk about some prestigious scholarships in the UK for medical students.

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Imperial College London Scholarship

To do MBBS and BSc in medicine you can get this scholarship with full funding. You can apply from any country for this scholarship. You have to a student of medical line.

QMUL John Abernethy Scholarship for Medicine

This program is for medical students. Funding of the study is beard by the authority. You are allowed to complete your MBBS and BDS here.

Global Study Awards

This is a partnership with study portals, ISIC and British council. Young students will be very encouraged by this award.  This scholarship will spend around 10,000 GBP two times in a year. The international students will get it by their merit. Obviously, this is a prestigious award for the students.

Applying Process for Getting the scholarships in UK

To apply for the scholarships you have to click on the given link and check your illegibility and if the scholarship conditions meet with you then you can apply for the scholarship. Sometimes you have to go to the agencies for getting the chance of applying. The selection process depends on the educational council of UK.
There is so much opportunity for international students around the world to get a scholarship in the UK. Hope that you have got a way out of how to get scholarships in UK. You can easily get the scholarship by your merit and go to the UK for completing your higher education.

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