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If it weren’t for my wife, Ring Video Doorbell could never have been created. Inventors from all over the world come up with bad ideas and she knew all about them. One night I told her about my idea to change my bell forever. She really liked my idea! Not only for complete comfort, but also for being able to simply answer the bell from anywhere. She said it was like a door phone… ”

But I don’t have a wife. Maybe that’s the main reason why I haven’t invented anything groundbreaking to change the world. However, Ring founder Jamie Siminoff succeeded in changing the world, and the story in the first paragraph belongs to him.

At least this is how he claims that a clever Ring Video Doorbell was created. I’m very happy to welcome you today to review this breakthrough bell. Let me show you that a bell does not really have to be just a stupid button to activate the sound.

ring video door bell 2

With this product, the doorbell can turn into a smart device that lets you see who came to your door from across the world today. And not only that.

You can even connect with the person from the other hemisphere to talk to him. Because of my astonishment, I’d like to tell you everything at the beginning.


The first thing you’ll notice about Ring Video Doorbell 2 is its design: it’s a good looking device. The bell itself is somewhat large and this can be a problem for those who want to install it in a small space or door frame.

It seems that the wall next to the door does not look too out of place, and when there is a big compromise that the battery can be a little bigger – which is always nice.

Setting up an intelligent bell is really quite easy, but there are a few bumps on the way.

There are several options for installing the device – you can choose to ring it to replace the existing doorbell or simply use it separately from the existing doorbell. And when we were happy with the results, setting up Chime Pro wasn’t a flawless experience.


After installation, Ring Video Doorbell 2 is useful. However, there are several settings in the app that you would like to tune.

For beginners, the video ringing ring has motion tracking and initiates video recording when it detects motion. Motion tracking really worked pretty well, and we’re happy to integrate with our smartphone.

You can also browse through your entire recent activity in the app and sort your activity by things like circles, movement, and “asterisk”. This last choice is useful when you say that you see something particularly suspicious then you can. Other functions that we would expect are also present.


Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not just an ordinary silly bell

In my circumstances, the Ring bell had been in the closet for some time. In the past I had the opportunity to touch “smart” bells with my own hand, but I was not impressed.

I was sure it would be the same in this case. Fortunately, however, I was terribly wrong. Today came Day D, the day I decided to look at Video Doorbell 2 for the first time. And after a few hours of playing with the bell, I finally got to write this review.

I’m really excited about this product and pleasantly surprised. This is due to perfectly perfect processing, not only the bell itself, but also auxiliary manuals and materials, and also due to trouble-free functionality.

I’ve never seen more sophisticated packaging in my whole career

At first glance you will be attracted to the packaging of the whole bell from Ring. The initial impression, before unpacking, seems quite common. You will say that this is a classic nicely processed package.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 itself is depicted on its front in all its beauty and action, and on the back you will find other features and specifications related to the bell.

So you begin to unpack and here comes the joy. Immediately after the opening you will see the bell itself together with a booklet that will greet you at the beginning. Gradually you begin to pull everything out of the box and start thinking that there’s a lot – and it is.

In addition to the bell itself and the booklet, you will also start pulling out two plastic handles to adjust the tilt of the bell either up and down, or right and left. In addition, if you own the first generation of Ring Video Doorbell and have decided to upgrade, you do not need to drill new holes to mount the bell unnecessarily.

All you have to do is use the included “reduction”, which you can use to attach the bell to the previous holes. Also included is a battery that you can easily recharge with the included microUSB cable.

There is also a special tool box with all the screws and tools you need to attach the bell. Even drill bits or extension wires are missing if you decide to connect Ring Video Doorbell 2 to existing wires. In this booklet you will find packed manuals in several languages, with which you can easily connect and operate your new doorbell. In short, a package you never dreamed of.

Connection of Ring bell with iPhone

To make your Ring Video Doorbell 2 not just an ordinary bell, you must first connect it to your iPhone. Before we do this, you need to install the battery in the bell.

Then download the free Ring app from the App Store and launch it. The setup process is very simple and the application will show you what it needs. From the start, choose which device you want to add to the application – in our case Video Doorbell 2. Then scan the QR code on the back of the doorbell to connect the application to the doorbell. Now comes the addition of the location where the bell is located.

Once you have completed this step, press the install button on the bell. Then, connect the Ring to the nearest Wi-Fi network and, if necessary, take the next steps that the app asks you to do.

Setting the Ring Video Doorbell 2

Once connected, the bell settings are set. In a simple guide, you will answer a few questions to set the sensitivity and position of the bell. First, you will find out where Video Doorbell 2 is – which is why you will be advised to use the plastic handles we discussed earlier.

Then the wizard will ask you if there is a street nearby, how far you want to register movement and more. Here set everything according to your preferences and especially according to the truth, so that the bell works best.

After this setup is all done, your doorbell is fully functional and the last thing you have to do is place the doorbell in a suitable place. To do this, you can use the tiny spirit level that you attach to the bell body, drill bit, as well as the screws included.

Communication through the application

Once you install the doorbell, everything is ready to go. You will receive notifications on your iPhone when the bell detects movement and, of course, every time someone rings. You can respond immediately – see who is standing in front of the bell and even talk to the person.

For example, if you tell the postman that you are not at home, you can tell him to leave the package somewhere else, or to put it in front of the door. In addition to the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and a special Yale door lock, you can simply unlock your grandparents from the comfort of your iPhone.

Quality workmanship can withstand even bad weather

The processing of the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is absolutely exemplary. Given that not everyone can have a doorbell located directly at the door under the roof, where the doorbell is safe from the weather and other influences, so it is necessary to withstand, for example, water or wind if placed on the gate in front of the house.

This is a matter of course and Video Doorbell 2 is not afraid of water. The transmitted image from the outside is absolutely amazing. The reviewed bell has a much better camera than some security cameras that have already passed my hands.

Again, it is a bell and not a security camera. What’s more, the camera also supports infrared mode, which you can use at night. The image has Full HD (1080p) and has a wide field of view. Since Video Doorbell 2 is connected to Wi-Fi, the person in front of the doorbell,

ring video door bell2 review


What to do if someone steals your bell

Very interesting is the service Theft Protection. She takes care that if the castle is stolen by a thief, Ring will send you the stolen bell for free again. All you need is a paper from the Police of the Czech Republic together with an invoice or a payment slip. Moreover, the thief who stole the bell does not enjoy it much, as the bell is blocked on Ring’s servers when a theft is reported. This service is valid for one theft of the bell and its theft must be reported within a maximum of 15 days.


Although I hate to do so, this review must end with the last paragraph. For a long time I haven’t held such a sophisticated product as the Ring Video Doorbell 2 in my hand. I’m just asking what comes in 10 years. Will we be able to see from another planet who is ringing at our door on Mother Earth?

Can we see information about the person who came to ring on the camera together with the picture? Hard to say, anyway, in the current situation, you would find it hard to look for a better smart bell than Ring Video Doorbell 2.

High quality images, night vision, wide viewing, two-way communication, water resistance and countless other features make this a bell that has no competition in its category. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m really excited about this product and it’s so unnecessary to say how much I would recommend it to you. If you are planning to buy a bell or have a classic old bell, do not hesitate for a second and go to Ring Video Doorbell 2. It is really worth it.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a fixed device. But should you buy it?

If Motion Tracking or Security features are at the top of your Priority List, Ring Video Doorbell 2 will still cover you.


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